About me and the site

Hello, I am littlegirlyblogger (also called Zou Yongqi). I am just a random passerby high schooler GRADUATE (I JUST FINISHED YASSS) with interests and hobbies as; baking (once a year), writing (I try at least -_-“), anime, manga, reading (bookworm me), drawing (I can’t draw, but try) , games (I react so slooow) and some more maybe (yes, but can’t remember right now #memory). Not the most serious type, though I do like to keep things in order and tend to be a bit expressionless. Look around the site and maybe you’ll see something you like.


You may request reviews. Ask them in comments or at lgb.zyb@gmail.com. I write reviews currently trying to stockpile before the upload date (but it never happens, believe me, the power of procrastination is terrifying), but I may be able to hustle some things if necessary. It also depends if I wrote a manga or anime review the last one since I switch every time.

I don’t use social media that much. You will find on my twitter account about everything I have. If not on my contact page, it’s not me or I don’t use it much/ anymore or it’s for private use.

My schedule:

  • On Tuesday are important notices. Only on this day, you’ll find them. They won’t come often.
  • Wednesday is for reviews doesn’t matter what kind of. There’s only a review.
  • Saturday is for drawings, it will be irregular and only max once per month.
  • All posts are on 12pm GMT+2

About reviews:

I only review manga and anime that is subtitled or translated. I can’t understand or read Japanese. I’m learning it, but I don’t use Japanese terms that much. Also, I learn at a very slow pace, because I learn when I feel like it.

Also if you don’t see me update for that week can mean I’m busy. I’m currently in my exam year and I do this for fun.

Outside the website:

I’m also active on outside my website. Not only social media (only Twitter and Discord but whatever), but also other things. I’m developing a game with a group of people. And who knows how long that will take. So if you see the name “Zou Yongqi” flying by, it could be me yes.

I do stream occasionally whenever I feel like it. Aka when I’m bored, which is very sporadically, but mostly my time in the morning or the evening.


[Last update: 06-02-2020]