Important notice #010: Schedule

As I know that this blog isn't popular at all, but I still try to write a review, I think it's time for me to stop my regular schedule for the time being. I'm in my exam year and YES I can actually write and I can make time for it, but I just have … Continue reading Important notice #010: Schedule

Anime review: Meiji Tokyo Renka

Yes, I made a mistake with the original title, sorry. Hello people. I'm still alive haha. Ah, I got back pain #sedlife (TдT). It's cuz I'm doing nothing but sitting without stretching. Painkillers are a good for this though. Whatever I guess. Maybe some of you follow my twitch, but yes, I stream sometimes. A … Continue reading Anime review: Meiji Tokyo Renka

Manga review: Ichijou Kaname to wa Kakawaranai

Hi there again. It seems like my schedule is slowly getting back on track again. I don't really know. Anyways, as I'm writing this review, I am actually doing some things at the same time. I'm eating breakfast, playing Arknights on my phone, watching Cryaotic live streaming and having an aching shoulder from who knows … Continue reading Manga review: Ichijou Kaname to wa Kakawaranai

Anime review: ID:Invaded

Hello people. Yes, I missed last week. These times are hectic for me. Some notice things around them, some don't. It's a good thing I still hold my schedule as irregular. Anyways, that aside, this anime came out previous year. I was following it and it's an original anime. I was reading the comments of … Continue reading Anime review: ID:Invaded