Anime review: Tamako Market

Hello people. I don't have much to say then that I'm currently distracted with other stuff than doing my school stuff. I'm also participating in the Chrysanthemum fanart contest cuz why not. That aside. It's been a while for me since I did a review for this kind of anime. It's an original anime and … Continue reading Anime review: Tamako Market

Manga review: You at First Sight

Hi there. So, I've noticed that I'm slowly turning a more towards webtoons and manhwa. It's not a big problem, but I think I need to revise all the tags for once and maybe edit some titles.....well, that's a problem for after my school year I guess.... That aside, let's continue on as I have … Continue reading Manga review: You at First Sight

Anime review: Given

Hello people. So, my first midterms will be this month and it's so nerve-wracking for me already, even though I know I only have 4 tests..... Ahhhh, this will cost me something. on the other hand, I do have a lot of time at that time, so even though I will study hard, I know … Continue reading Anime review: Given

Manga review: The Children’s Teacher, Mr. Kwon

Yo. So lately my motivation is trickling down... School will kill me one day I think... Whatever, here's a new review. It's a manhwa. As Kissmanga continue to deteriorate even more than it already had been these past years, I had waited quite a long time before finally being able to read the ending. It … Continue reading Manga review: The Children’s Teacher, Mr. Kwon

Anime review: Starmyu

Hi people so at the time I'm posting this, I'm somewhere out of the country and the whole EU, so rip internet. Anyways, I'm at least in time with the review. These days it's harder and harder to find animes for me to review. A lot fo them are super good and I told myself … Continue reading Anime review: Starmyu

Manga review: Shall We Have Dinner Tonight?

Hey everyone! So here is a Manhwa. It was released in 2013 and finished in 2014. The author has also made "Gaussian blur", which I will most likely read soon enough, since it sounds interesting. Anyways, this manhwa has 46 chapters, length of chapters is relatively long and it's fully coloured. Also, the publisher has … Continue reading Manga review: Shall We Have Dinner Tonight?

Anime review: Hitorijime My Hero

Hello peeps. So I've been a bit struggling a bit with choosing anime for some reason. Idk, I've reviewed quite some time so I guess, I should binge-watch or go switch from anime reviews to novel reviews temporarily although, I've read way too much BL novels haha. Anyways, this is originally from a manga spin-off. … Continue reading Anime review: Hitorijime My Hero