Manga review: Kataribe no Risuto

Hello there! So this is the last review before my holiday finishes.... Also, I never stockpiled in the end. Maybe I'll do it this week. MAYBE. I don't expect it though XD. But the next one is definitely made in time, since I'll be in a country where EU rules don't count so don't have … Continue reading Manga review: Kataribe no Risuto

Manga review: Yuusha Goikkou no Kaerimichi

Good day to you all. So, this time it will be a one-shot. I'm a bit stressed out right now due to the exams going on, but most of the important stuff is now finished already for me, since I'll repeat grades. So I just wanted to share this little story. I don't even think … Continue reading Manga review: Yuusha Goikkou no Kaerimichi

Manga review: Genjui Toteku

Hello o/. This will be a short review, since it's only a one-shot manga. The reason why? Well, I thought this one really needed to be highlighted. It's from Shounen Jump, yes. Though I'm not really a fan of Shounen Jump, the shorter-side series are pretty well made most of the time. Like BOZEBEATS. But … Continue reading Manga review: Genjui Toteku

Manga review: Mana Sorcerer

Hi people! So I don't know anything about the background. It's a one-shot so this review won't be that big either. So let's just go!   Synopsys Mana, the spirit of green living things, can be used for both good and evil, and an investigative office exists to keep the destructive power of Mana in … Continue reading Manga review: Mana Sorcerer

Manga review: Necromancer

Hi people, so for a switch I'll do something more shounen I guess? I mean, I randomly chose it when I scrolled down my list of already read manga. So the author has also drawn 'Kyuuyaku marchen', which is an interpretation of an album of SOUND HORIZON. I have no idea about the song, but … Continue reading Manga review: Necromancer

Manga review: Umineko no Naku Koro ni Ep 2

So this is another Umineko no Naku Koro ni. I was watching a playthrough of the visual novel a while ago. The english translation ver is super cool. Though I haven't even passed half of Ep 1, due it being big and detailed. Now I will go immediately to the synopsis.   Synopsis After the … Continue reading Manga review: Umineko no Naku Koro ni Ep 2