Anime review: Gatchaman Crowds Insight

A good day to you all. So, I'm writing this in the morning, when I'm awake for once (I procrastinated, which isn't old news haha #sedstory). And so I'm just gonna go ahead and start with saying some stuff about this. This is the second season of an anime I reviewed before (link at the … Continue reading Anime review: Gatchaman Crowds Insight

Manga review: Moritat

Hello everyone and I'm back again. I had a nice holiday (writing on one of my last days of holiday (#IShouldStopProcrastinating)). Now I'm full of energy again to write a review and am going to stockpile as I'm currently writing this. Yay. So this one is a Korean webtoon. I don't know the background information … Continue reading Manga review: Moritat

Anime review: Gakusen Toshi Asterisk

Hello people. As I write right now it's a few hours before actually publish this post. Lol, I completely forgot yesterday and the rest I was literally just procrastinating as usual (pls me, I beg you to finish it once in time). Anyways, this was a fairly popular anime I think. 2015, eh? I think … Continue reading Anime review: Gakusen Toshi Asterisk

Anime review: DRAMAtical Murder

Good day to you all (or night, whatever). This time another anime review. I've noticed that I haven't done a review of a particularly bad or super good anime these days. Well, I think it's because I do a lot of reviews where I thought they were super good or just awful. Well, can't help … Continue reading Anime review: DRAMAtical Murder

Manga review: What the Skylark says

Hello people. The previous week I didn't do a review, because I simply forgot haha. My apologies for it. Anyways, happy 2019! This is indeed my first post of the year. This time it's a manhwa, which I read some months ago. I had it in my reading list for quite a long time, but … Continue reading Manga review: What the Skylark says

Novel review: Violet Evergarden

Hi people, this is another part of the double review of today! So I think many who have been in the anime world for a while or just started at the time should know Violet Evergarden. A very hyped up anime which has beautiful animation art. Well, it is originally from a novel, so why … Continue reading Novel review: Violet Evergarden

Anime review: Karneval

Hello once again. Yes, I didn't do a review previous week, because I was busy and procrastinating. This time I have one of my favorites! It is called Karneval! I thought I did a review of it, but apparently, I didn't. So here is one actually! It's originally from a manga and the translation updates … Continue reading Anime review: Karneval