Anime review: Satsuriku no Tenshi

An anime that came out Summer 2018. It was highly anticipated by me. I watched it and well, you'll see my opinion at the opinion section. Based on the Jrpg (Japanese Role Playing Game) horror game maker, which is highly rated, it got adapted to an anime and a manga series. The game is divided … Continue reading Anime review: Satsuriku no Tenshi

Manga review: An Uncomfortable Truth

I've read this manhwa last month. It's actually from Lezhin, but I read it on an aggregator site. Lezhin gets aggregated quite a lot these days, I noticed. I do feel a bit of pity, but on the other hand, I get to read new stories. At first, the cover felt as if this would … Continue reading Manga review: An Uncomfortable Truth

Manga review: Yuusha Goikkou no Kaerimichi

Good day to you all. So, this time it will be a one-shot. I'm a bit stressed out right now due to the exams going on, but most of the important stuff is now finished already for me, since I'll repeat grades. So I just wanted to share this little story. I don't even think … Continue reading Manga review: Yuusha Goikkou no Kaerimichi

Manga review: Moritat

Hello everyone and I'm back again. I had a nice holiday (writing on one of my last days of holiday (#IShouldStopProcrastinating)). Now I'm full of energy again to write a review and am going to stockpile as I'm currently writing this. Yay. So this one is a Korean webtoon. I don't know the background information … Continue reading Manga review: Moritat

Anime review: DRAMAtical Murder

Good day to you all (or night, whatever). This time another anime review. I've noticed that I haven't done a review of a particularly bad or super good anime these days. Well, I think it's because I do a lot of reviews where I thought they were super good or just awful. Well, can't help … Continue reading Anime review: DRAMAtical Murder

Manga review: What the Skylark says

Hello people. The previous week I didn't do a review, because I simply forgot haha. My apologies for it. Anyways, happy 2019! This is indeed my first post of the year. This time it's a manhwa, which I read some months ago. I had it in my reading list for quite a long time, but … Continue reading Manga review: What the Skylark says

Manga review: Necromancer

Hi people, so for a switch I'll do something more shounen I guess? I mean, I randomly chose it when I scrolled down my list of already read manga. So the author has also drawn 'Kyuuyaku marchen', which is an interpretation of an album of SOUND HORIZON. I have no idea about the song, but … Continue reading Manga review: Necromancer