Art drawing: June 2019

It's been a while since I ever uploaded some art. Yes, I wanted to, but I'm not the most motivated person with drawing and when I have the motivation, I would rather study. So, yes. Here are some things I made. Everything is at least older than a month. Links are under the sample picture. … Continue reading Art drawing: June 2019

Vows; Sacrifice: Prologue

Author: Zou Yongqi (aka LittleGirlyBlogger) Proofreader/ Editor: Friend Editor later: DreamingFlower Words: 2670 Originally posted on Table of Content | Next Chapter >> Such a book must contain— it always does!—a disclaimer. I make no such. For here I have collected all the best— the lily from the field among them, forget-me-nots and mint weed, … Continue reading Vows; Sacrifice: Prologue

Short story 1: Aimai Elegy

This story is based on the song Aimai Elegy. It's my first short story and I made it on  very short notice, so I hope you don't mind me being like this. It's probably very shallow, but that's exactly what I wanted. Anyways, enjoy my story.   Are you afraid now? If anything happens, we … Continue reading Short story 1: Aimai Elegy