Anime review: W’z

As I thought that the previous anime, Hand Shakers, couldn't be made any worse than it already was, this came in vision! W'z, which I actually forgot how to pronounce, but it's kinda weird. This is the sequel to Hand Shakers, an anime I have reviewed before (link at the end). Also, the review I … Continue reading Anime review: W’z

Manga review: Classi9

Hi everyone. So, I was searching for a manga to review and I couldn't really find anything. In the end, I chose this one, but it wasn't really one I had in mind of reviewing now. Then, searching up some info on whether or not this is adapted from something, it's not. There's a picture … Continue reading Manga review: Classi9

Anime review: Given

Hello people. So, my first midterms will be this month and it's so nerve-wracking for me already, even though I know I only have 4 tests..... Ahhhh, this will cost me something. on the other hand, I do have a lot of time at that time, so even though I will study hard, I know … Continue reading Anime review: Given

Anime review: Starmyu

Hi people so at the time I'm posting this, I'm somewhere out of the country and the whole EU, so rip internet. Anyways, I'm at least in time with the review. These days it's harder and harder to find animes for me to review. A lot fo them are super good and I told myself … Continue reading Anime review: Starmyu

Anime review: Magic Kyun! Renaissance

This god who thought of this..... it sounds awful, to be honest. A bit.... weird I guess? Anyways, it's a reverse harem, an otome game (I think) and well.....yeah that's all background info I know about it really. So, I'll be moving on now, since I don't have anything else to say! (Synopsys is … Continue reading Anime review: Magic Kyun! Renaissance