Important Notice #008: Delay Story

Hello people. Been a while. Well, now that I'm done with exams I should start again with the reviews and stop procrastinating because it isn't that much work to do. Only digging my memory what some points were. That aside, it's not really obvious or something in the title..... Besides that, yes, mostly expected, I … Continue reading Important Notice #008: Delay Story

Important notice #006: Drawing

Hey, it's been a while since I did a notice. I mean, nothing special really happened, so yeah.... Anyways, I really like drawing a lot. Most of the time things like mandala and I never color them. I thought, maybe it's fun to post them here on my blog. So I will post that too. … Continue reading Important notice #006: Drawing

Important notice #005: 2018 plans

First of all: Merry Christmas all over the world! yayyy..... Okay to be honest, I don't like nor hate Christmas. Everyone has their opinion about Christmas. That aside, like you see in the title, about my plans for 2018. I'm going to discuss a few things that I'm planning to do. And that above is … Continue reading Important notice #005: 2018 plans