Manga review: Classi9

Hi everyone. So, I was searching for a manga to review and I couldn't really find anything. In the end, I chose this one, but it wasn't really one I had in mind of reviewing now. Then, searching up some info on whether or not this is adapted from something, it's not. There's a picture … Continue reading Manga review: Classi9

Anime review: Diabolik Lovers More,Blood

As I have reviewed the first season a few weeks ago, I will now review the second season!!!! Yay \o/. This anime is based on the manga of the series and the manga is adapted from the second visual novel in the series. I've seen some JP gameplays from it, because I was curious on … Continue reading Anime review: Diabolik Lovers More,Blood

Anime review: Diabolik Lovers

Heh....heh heheheheh. Maybe some of you know this anime. Heh...heheh. It's my turn to review this I guess. I have watched a gameplay with English translation on this. I watched some routes, but I think it got blocked by the company or the translator got fed up by people using their work without permission. Anyways, … Continue reading Anime review: Diabolik Lovers

Anime review: Amnesia

Hello everyone. This time, it's an anime based on an otome game visual novel. I've seen gameplays of the game and I have it myself. The game itself is ok....a bit.....odd, I guess. It's not a really good or bad game....maybe that the protagonist is really dumb? I wonder how some things even got done … Continue reading Anime review: Amnesia

Anime review: Gakusen Toshi Asterisk

Hello people. As I write right now it's a few hours before actually publish this post. Lol, I completely forgot yesterday and the rest I was literally just procrastinating as usual (pls me, I beg you to finish it once in time). Anyways, this was a fairly popular anime I think. 2015, eh? I think … Continue reading Anime review: Gakusen Toshi Asterisk

Novel review: Everyone Else is a Returnee

Wow a novel review! Okay...yeah, I haven't done that in a long time, because I haven't read that much completed novels yet so here I am. This novel is....big. Like it took my 3 weeks before I got it done and I was almost non-stop reading. In general, I read a bit faster than average, … Continue reading Novel review: Everyone Else is a Returnee