Manga review: Koi ni Naranai Wake ga Nai

Hello people! So I'm back for the time being. I have no idea how this year will go and I'm pretty busy so who knows when I'm not able to post a review. I know I can make time for it, but it's not my highest priority and I don't really feel like writing a … Continue reading Manga review: Koi ni Naranai Wake ga Nai

Manga review: Flow

Hello people! Since my exams are over, for the time being, I'll just continue to write. This year will be kind of hectic, so I hope I won't have it too much that I'm unable to post. Maybe I'll compensate it with some saved up drawings as posts. That aside, let's get into it. I … Continue reading Manga review: Flow

Anime review: Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru

I don't think anyone noticed this, but I posted some random tweets previous week about this anime. My comments about this while watching this around midnight. So, basically what happened there was that I react quite extremely towards products that contain extra sugar, like desserts and the like. So, I basically sort of got sugar-high, … Continue reading Anime review: Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru

Anime review: Given

Hello people. So, my first midterms will be this month and it's so nerve-wracking for me already, even though I know I only have 4 tests..... Ahhhh, this will cost me something. on the other hand, I do have a lot of time at that time, so even though I will study hard, I know … Continue reading Anime review: Given

Manga review: The Children’s Teacher, Mr. Kwon

Yo. So lately my motivation is trickling down... School will kill me one day I think... Whatever, here's a new review. It's a manhwa. As Kissmanga continue to deteriorate even more than it already had been these past years, I had waited quite a long time before finally being able to read the ending. It … Continue reading Manga review: The Children’s Teacher, Mr. Kwon

Anime review: Diabolik Lovers

Heh....heh heheheheh. Maybe some of you know this anime. Heh...heheh. It's my turn to review this I guess. I have watched a gameplay with English translation on this. I watched some routes, but I think it got blocked by the company or the translator got fed up by people using their work without permission. Anyways, … Continue reading Anime review: Diabolik Lovers

Manga review: Kataribe no Risuto

Hello there! So this is the last review before my holiday finishes.... Also, I never stockpiled in the end. Maybe I'll do it this week. MAYBE. I don't expect it though XD. But the next one is definitely made in time, since I'll be in a country where EU rules don't count so don't have … Continue reading Manga review: Kataribe no Risuto