No review (again) yes

So hello there. As you can read. Another review not there once again. Like I said before, this year will be a very busy oe. I had pulled out my last two wisdom teeth on monday, and because of that I'm not feeling well, which means I can't even concentrate on school properly and I … Continue reading No review (again) yes

Novel review: Violet Evergarden

Hi people, this is another part of the double review of today! So I think many who have been in the anime world for a while or just started at the time should know Violet Evergarden. A very hyped up anime which has beautiful animation art. Well, it is originally from a novel, so why … Continue reading Novel review: Violet Evergarden

Novel review: Everyone Else is a Returnee

Wow a novel review! Okay...yeah, I haven't done that in a long time, because I haven't read that much completed novels yet so here I am. This novel is....big. Like it took my 3 weeks before I got it done and I was almost non-stop reading. In general, I read a bit faster than average, … Continue reading Novel review: Everyone Else is a Returnee

Novel review: I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!

So this will be my last review of the year 2017! Wow, it's already this time. I don't know how long I've been active again, but I think it was around spring when I began. Okay that aside, let's talk about this novel. It has 65 chapters, isn't long and is translated by Wuxiaworld. I … Continue reading Novel review: I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!

Novel review: The Dream

Edit: Link doesn't work anymore, because website was erased. Okay, so this is new. I wanted to do something else than manga and anime, but everthing I did wasn't completed and it's a requirement for me to have that. Tehre's an exception, but dont wanna explain, because it's difficult for me to explain. I'll leave … Continue reading Novel review: The Dream