Important notice #010: Schedule

As I know that this blog isn’t popular at all, but I still try to write a review, I think it’s time for me to stop my regular schedule for the time being. I’m in my exam year and YES I can actually write and I can make time for it, but I just have bigger priorities than this blog. So I will not go on hiatus but will post more irregular. Like…. this week no review, next week not either. I have midterms then. It’s just that my grades aren’t that amazing, so I need to focus on other things and I’m already kind of stressed out. Recently, writing reviews cost me a lot of motivation, which I just don’t have. I won’t stop. It’s just that I will write them whenever I feel like I can take some time for it which is definitely the coming 2 weeks after this, so yes. This is all I wanted to say. I may post some art stuff, but not really guaranteed since I don’t have anything right now I want to post or anything so rip.  This irregular schedule will last till I’m done with school, aka till mid-June so yeah. Anyways, until a next time.

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