Anime review: W’z

As I thought that the previous anime, Hand Shakers, couldn’t be made any worse than it already was, this came in vision! W’z, which I actually forgot how to pronounce, but it’s kinda weird. This is the sequel to Hand Shakers, an anime I have reviewed before (link at the end). Also, the review I did at that time, I wasn’t that good in reviewing stuff, so haha. Forgive me. To be honest, I should redo some reviews, since I didn’t know where to look at at the beginning, which would mean I have to redo a lot……. Well, let’s see if I’m going to change it one day.

That aside, let’s just roll into it.


Yukiya, who is “probably” 14 years old, spends his time DJ-ing alone. Due to his father’s influence, he’s listened to house music since he was young, and he uploads videos online. He wants to convey something to someone. He wants to be recognized, and become important. But getting hurt is scary. One day, while trying to get more views, he does something that can’t be undone. And he sees a live broadcast from “that world.” Yukiya believes he can’t do anything alone, but that he could accomplish something if he were doing it together with someone else.

(Source: ANN)

W'z theme 1


I have some points about this synopsis to say. 1. “probably”? serious? Like, I get you can’t know your age exactly, but just pick a date! Even I don’t know if my birthday is accurate! Well, I mean that last sentence to be honest, but that doesn’t matter. Just something I’m a bit like…. you need to say it so specifically?

Okay, so the concept. I think it’s interesting. Just that it’s very badly developed. Fighting with pairs to get a wish from god. For your own wish, you crush others the right to make the wish. Sure, but why are things getting so messed up, more plotholes and even more illogical things where you’re like, “wait what are we talking about?” So bad,

Story-wise. Meh, really bad. melodramatic, Very shallow story and it was mostly about him struggling over nothing but afraid of hurting others. It’s not like they’re going to die in the other world. Also, the people they pick out to fight all have shallow wishes. World logic is getting so messed up. You can make a wish with god, but they don’t explain what happens to make it mysterious, but it makes it all the more confusing as they make one again or something and nothing about it gets explained in detail or clarity.

Characters were very shallow. One kind of character trait, shallow problems which could be solved even without their wishes, not everything gets resolved, but that’s okay. Things that can be solved you can roll your eyes for and say “Oh pls”.

Art, I do like the art style personally. not really fan of the women who were drawn, but the men were nice. I do like the weapon designs though. The style does feel a bit….worse than the previous time and a bit inspirationless, but despite it, I do like the art style kind of.

Music was nice. Well, not everything but there were some BGMs which I liked. Not the best, in my opinion, previous anime at least had a good track from dec27 re-plus. Also, their OP was better than the current one.

I give it a 3/10. Also, the other review, it’s shit, so you can look at it, but it’s not really correct now that I think about it. Doesn’t deserve that high. I only give this one a try cuz I like GoHands studio cuz they made the K-series. This was just a disappointment from another disappointment. i only gave this high, because the art wasn’t that bad and some things got resolved where I had my questions on, but even more confusion came up.

Well, until next time…. I have it so busy, that I’m surprised I made this review in the first place.

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