Manga review: Flow

Hello people! Since my exams are over, for the time being, I’ll just continue to write. This year will be kind of hectic, so I hope I won’t have it too much that I’m unable to post. Maybe I’ll compensate it with some saved up drawings as posts. That aside, let’s get into it. I finished reading this on the night from Sunday to Monday (when posted). I actually read Season 1 several times, but I couldn’t finish it for various reasons. I also forgot the plot a lot so that’s why I had to reread every time. This time, I just read till 2 am and read it in one go. Haha, rip sleep. I slept like 4 hours that night. That aside, I thought it was nice to review so here I am.

It’s been officially translated in English and posted on Line Webtoon, a publishing portal where you can upload your own webtoons or Naver series get translated. Go check it out, since it’s a very good platform to search and support artists. Of course, you can go to illegal websites too, but I think it’s very clear and worthy to get an account on that to support the author. Aside from the platform. The author, Honey Bee, has finished the manhwa/webtoon “Strange and Beautiful” too (in Korean) and is working on a new series if you can see it on her twitter. Links of all this stuff will be under the review.

I think I’m going to implement links in reviews from now on as long as I can do this and find it. Anyways, let’s move on.


Flow theme 3


A fantasy comic about a boy’s destiny that starts to change as he receives a gift from his guardian god.

(Source: LINE Webtoon)


In this world, every child is born under a god. Some gods are weaker than others. Some gods are stronger than others.

Children born under weaker gods become defunct in society, and cannot attend high school. Instead, they must get jobs after middle school. High school in this world is a place that trains students to use their stronger gods. They have one thing in common: They can grant wishes if the correct price is paid.

Leerang turns back time a day, and pays dearly for it. To reverse his wish, he must attend high school and try to use the powers of his cat god once again.

(Source: MU)



I put in two synopses, because one of them is the official one and the other from something else.

Flow theme 4Let’s go to the concept. A world where your guardian god decide the hierarchy of the world. Your guardian god is there from young and will grant you one wish where you need to pay a price for. The price is heavier depending on the wish and you can only have one wish and never reverse it. I like it. It’s an idea which doesn’t get worked out very well often, but this is nice. It’s still a bit vague in some ways. You don’t get to know about how it is in the adult world and why there are even so many gods. I was curious about that. The rest is fine. The concept is well thought of and executed very well.

The story is really good. I think the end can be a bit rushed in some way, but on the other hand, it’s also nice it didn’t drag on too long. I liked that every character that showed up got some kind of character development. There were some cliche scenes here and there, but I liked them. The ending was OMFG (some other weird noises too) and the epilogue was wow. I’m satisfied with the end. Even without the epilogue, it would be fine in my opinion. It’s really good. Not too many unanswered questions and good timing on answering some other questions. Though, like I said, some parts were a bit rushed in terms of story. They could’ve gone a bit slower, but it’s not that disturbing either.

The characters. Damn I love their designs for one thing. Second, the character development of every one of them was realistic in some way. Like every human has their own problem, they too had it and they grew. How the characters came to be and ended up, was something a bit unexpected sometimes but it wasn’t anything too surprising. Very clear and stable characters.

The art was damn pretty. Those backgrounds, the ability designs, the characters themselves. Ah, I loved it. it’s so satisfying to see. I thought it was pretty stable too. Couldn’t see anything degrading in terms of quality to be honest. You can see some improvements here and there but it’s really not noticeable unless you look at the first and last chapter. Still, good job Honey Bee.Flow theme 1

I loved to read this. The angst, the feelings of sadness, anger and happiness. The story of how they grow and the sacrifices someone has to make. The beautiful art and world-building. It was amazing. I give this a 9/10. It’s really good. I hoped that there would be more questions answered, but alas. Also, some pacing a bit, but that’s it.


And that’s it. Woo, now I will continue on with my homework stuff….. Until next week.


Links (sorry I forgot so here’s the edit):

Twitter artist:


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