Manga review: My Shining World

Hey reader. So, this time I’ll be reviewing a Manhwa. I’ve known this Manhwa for a while. It’s officially translated in English on SpotToon. It’s originally in Korean, but it’s quite obvious for those who know what a Manhwa is. I don’t have much else to tell about this Manhwa, to be honest.

p.s. I’m playing a game at the same time, so excuse me if you see even weirder sentence structures than normally.


The beautiful Yurim Lee has a secret—she can tell when people are hiding dark intentions. To her, the people’s faces appear shrouded in a black cloud. The darker this cloud is, the more villainous their thoughts. But this power has done her more harm than good, and she was ostracized because of it in her youth. Now in college, she is a loner who struggles to trust others.

One day while walking home, Yurim is assaulted by a man covered in darkness. Soon she is rescued by Jooeun Lim, a man with hair the color of cherry blossoms. Their brief encounter brightens her lonely world ever so slightly, and the two become friends.

My Beautiful World follows Yurim while she copes with her unique ability and begins to meet new people with Jooeun’s help. As she seeks to regain the trust in others that she lost, she must face a past which she has tried to forget.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

My Shining World theme 1


The concept was nice. I think it was interesting how someone deals with it. Though, it doesn’t come that much, it’s not that original anymore. Maybe it came first, but I still have read some stories here and there…. A bit different to what I said before, but some time also passed, so yeah. So it is okay.

My Shining World theme 2

The story itself is in the beginning really good. I found the latter half of the story a bit confusing in the beginning, but I understood once I reread for a bit. To be honest, the backstory of Jooeun was a bit lamer than I had initially thought it would be. But the first half first. I thought it was really good. I liked and disliked how the main protagonist was. She was really weak, which could be a result of the scars she got from the past, but on the other hand, I hoped she could be a bit stronger than this. At least a bit. Like I said, the backstory of Jooeun is a bit well, you suddenly feel it’s pretty unreal. Considering how he is drawn and he’s actually much older than you see him. Like, he seems soooo young compared to his actual. It’s indeed a sometimes mentioned in the story, but it somehow feels a bit unreal, if you hear what he actually experienced. His reactions are of his age though.

My Shining World theme 3

The characters themselves. Well, the designs were really nice. I liked it. Yurim is your stereotype shy introverted girl and Jooeun is actually your old man but young-looking ikemen. It’s clearly seen and nothing to go around about. In the beginning I found the characters pretty deep in terms of personality, but later on I felt that they were less deep than I had initially thought. A bit on the superficial side sometimes, due to the unrealistic things that happened. I mean, it’s already supernatural, but the incidents happen like a bad soap series drama. Just so you know, I don’t like soap series.

And last of all, the art!!! I liked it very much. It was lovely to see the colouring and the clothes that the author drew. It’s really nice.

So, all in all, the first half is definitely not bad, it’s just that the last story part is not really my cup of tea. Which is why I give it a 6/10.

And this was it for this week. Until the next review o/

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