No review. Merry berry Christmas

Hello people, as I am typing this now, I'm on my way to my father. Although I was thinking of writing a review, I completely forgot about writing it after everything and procrastinating. Anyways, I will write a review again next week. My apologies for not having a review ready, but I hope you have … Continue reading No review. Merry berry Christmas

Manga review: Majo no Shinzou

Hello reader. So I've been drawing so much lately, cuz I entered a fanart competition. My hands are currently kinda cold and hurting, because I've been drawing for such a long time. Now I write this, still have to write an essay, learn some ICT stuff and learn some words for German. It's currently 17:13, … Continue reading Manga review: Majo no Shinzou

Anime review: Tamako Market

Hello people. I don't have much to say then that I'm currently distracted with other stuff than doing my school stuff. I'm also participating in the Chrysanthemum fanart contest cuz why not. That aside. It's been a while for me since I did a review for this kind of anime. It's an original anime and … Continue reading Anime review: Tamako Market

Manga review: My Shining World

Hey reader. So, this time I'll be reviewing a Manhwa. I've known this Manhwa for a while. It's officially translated in English on SpotToon. It's originally in Korean, but it's quite obvious for those who know what a Manhwa is. I don't have much else to tell about this Manhwa, to be honest. p.s. I'm … Continue reading Manga review: My Shining World