Manga review: Classi9

Classi9 theme 2Hi everyone. So, I was searching for a manga to review and I couldn’t really find anything. In the end, I chose this one, but it wasn’t really one I had in mind of reviewing now.

Then, searching up some info on whether or not this is adapted from something, it’s not. There’s a picture of some “otome game scenes” which is just for fun and not for real. There’s no otome game from it. It’s originally made by a pixiv user. The link is at the end of the review. The name is pronounced as Classi-kyu, to sort of say Classic in Japanese. I didn’t know it until I read a comment about it somewhere, when searching up information.

Lastly, I’m confused about something. I’m looking for information of the manga, which is why I spit through the information more than I normally do, but then I see the tags. Mangaupdates (also known as baka-updates) says it’s shounen. Rip-off sites to read syas it’s Shoujo and MyAnimeList says it’s neither of them. What is it?! I can’t find it on the sites where they sell it either. Whatever. I left it empty, so who knows what it is. Okay, let’s continue.

Classi9 theme 5


After the death of her father, Ren Taki travels to Vienna to fulfill a promise she made to him: attend the Melite Conservatory of Music. While traveling there, she meets the flirtatious musical wunderkind Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who is surprised to hear her plan to enroll at Melite.

As it so happens, Melite is an all-boys school! After talking with the headmaster, Ren enters the school as a student under the male alias “Rentarou.” Sworn to secrecy, Mozart is assigned as her roommate. In this new place, Ren meets eccentric classmates such as Johann Sebastian Bach and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky; but since they live in the same dormitory, keeping her secret from them is a difficult and never-ending task.

With Mozart’s help, she hides her gender while making every effort to remain in the prestigious school. Surrounded by peers of unimaginable talent, Ren strives to match their skill and compose resonating musical pieces.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]


So, it feels like it’s shoujo manga style. I don’t know. It’s cute, fluttery and sweet, so I think mangaupdates made a mistake. About whether or not it’s shoujo manga, I don’t know. The style is cute and nice though. I really like the covers. So pretty~.

The concept is nice. Old music masters in one school. Though age may vary in terms of when they lived, it doesn’t affect me, who doesn’t know a thing about classical music. Aside from that, it worked out quite well as there are in some facts put into the manga, which are true from the people they’re based on.Classi9 theme 6

The story itself isn’t that in-depth in terms of character, but deep enough for it to be this short. You get background information about them. It’s not dramatic and most of all very sweet and light-hearted. It’s not difficult and it’s easy to understand as it is a bit episodic in terms of character development and who it’s focusing on. There aren’t that many plotholes. Maybe here and there, but not that obvious.

The characters are nicely designed. They each have their own personality, which may be a bit flat character-ish, but not bad.

Character development is quite obvious. Everyone has a problem and she solves it indirectly or directly. It’s just nice and positive sweet. Even if there’s a bit of sad drama in there, it’s really minor or positively told.

All in all, I give it a 7,5/10. It’s a good story. Maybe some mehs here and there or maybe some flaws, but in the end, it’s a good story, with a couple of handsome guys and a girl who gets a harem, but no romance. There are hints here and there, but not the obvious statement. Maybe a spoiler, maybe not. I don’t see the romance in it, is why I didn’t give the tag for it.


And that was it. I don’t have much else to tell. Under this is the link to the author’s pixiv page. Feel free to look and support the mangaka in a way.

pixiv account

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