Manga review: Ame to Hare no Kaze no Tabi

Hello people! As my normal school schedule has begun again, I’m already procrastinating on writing reviews. It’s already Tuesday in the evening when I’m writing this… smh. That aside, this manga was recently completely translated, so I thought of reviewing it. I have no background knowledge of this manga as I couldn’t find a thing. So let’s just continue on already.

Ame to Hare no Kaze no Tabi theme 3


Sunny has a peculiar ability: wherever he is, there’s always clear skies and sunshine. One day on his travels he comes across the girl Raine, whose ability is the exact opposite of his. This is the whimsical tale of Sunny, Raine, and their feline companion Polkadot as they journey to find the floating island Final Rest and return home a special little sapling. And maybe, along the way, a place where they belong.

Ame to Hare no Kaze no Tabi theme 2


At first, I liked the manga, going towards the middle, I dropped it until it got completely translated and gave it a go again. I finished it afterwards. It wasn’t a very good one, but can’t call it bad.

The concept of the two having both powers related to weather, which is an interesting thing. The responsibility and experiences they met is a very interesting idea, which is used once in a while, but I haven’t read it in quite some time, so that’s nice. The world-building is nice too. It’s easy to understand without much complications.

Ame to Hare no Kaze no Tabi theme 4The story itself isn’t bad, but I can’t call it good. I mean, the stories have a clear beginning and end, but the story itself. I just don’t like all of them that much. The reason I dropped it at first was that it was kind of boring to me. It’s indeed calm and stuff, but it was just boring calmness to me. In the end, I did read it completely. And let me clear something up. They go on an adventure together, but every place has its own story, which may be boring sometimes. There’s a timeline, but you can compare it to other slice of life adventure stories I guess. I did like the ending though. The middle was just boring to me

The art of it is nice. It’s very detailed yet, the characters look so simple. scenery and background is nicely drawn with some coloured pages here and there, that totally fits the style. So nice.

The characters. Very easy names. It’s Sunny and Raine. Basically what their powers are. Both of them have experienced  the same kind of incidents with their powers and deal with it differently. In the end, both of them need to control their emotions so it won’t sway to a  negative side, which is an easy and clear condition. Character development is obvious to me as they learn to deal with their powers and learn from people around them about place and culture.

In the end, I didn’t like the story, but it was worked out well, so I give it a 6,5/10. Mostly because I just didn’t like it myself. But still, if you like a bit of stories with seeing new kinds of places and concepts, then you can go ahead and read it, just that I didn’t like it that much.


And that was it for this week. Nothing much to say except the fact I will drop the commission stuff, since no one comes anyway and I don’t really see my own drawings get sellable either way, so yeah. I tried, but I didn’t expect much anyway.


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