Manga review: You at First Sight

Hi there. So, I’ve noticed that I’m slowly turning a more towards webtoons and manhwa. It’s not a big problem, but I think I need to revise all the tags for once and maybe edit some titles…..well, that’s a problem for after my school year I guess…. That aside, let’s continue on as I have no extra information on this. Well, the links to the original and English translation is here:

Original (KTOON) || English (Tappytoon)

You at First Sight theme 4


Quiet girl Yechan can see a person’s inner thoughts instead of their face. But this ability and its troubles keeps her distant from others. When a boy with not a thought but a proper face appears, he’s the one person she just can’t read. Yechan’s world, and heart, are about to turn inside-out!



So let’s talk about the concept. First of all, her ability is a combination between mind-reading and the fact she has prosopagnosia (aka face blindness). As I’ve seen enough of those concepts around there, which were in fact really good, I’ve yet seen this combination until now, which is a pleasant surprise indeed. So, definitely refreshing and original. Though the trope of the main character’s problem comes often with people with the mind-reading ability, but that’s not bad. It’s natural.You at First Sight theme 1

The story itself was nice. I liked the flow of the story. Maybe the other side of the story was a little bit abrupt and got you out of the flow of the main story, you could pick it up easily, as the author made it so you could recall a bit of where they were actually before the flashback. Very stable story I think. It’s good and doesn’t have too many plotholes in the story and the little open issues that are still left are fine. I think it’s fine how the author ended the story. It may be a bit hasty for others, but I think it’s fine.

The characters were nice. Sometimes a bit flat, but they were round characters in general. Everyone in the story had a role and not many random ppl drawn who just came and went. I liked that it wasn’t a too big of a story and very focused on only the people who were drawn. They also have fun and serious interactions, which I very much enjoyed.

The character development was a bit standard. Trying to process the past, fall in love and meet new friends. Nothing wrong with it, as I like how the author did it. Not too big in one time, but subtly and slowly coming there.

The art was really cute. I like the simple colouring and easy lines. Also liking the eyes, I always end up looking at the eyes. The colouring is prob done with slight gradient and it was kept very easily I think. Very nice.

In the end, I really liked this one so I will give an 8,5/10. It’s a good story, obviously professionally edited, stable story, stable art. Nothing much to say of criticism, besides maybe some things were used before and maybe could’ve thought of something else, but as the process was more important here, it’s fine.

You at First Sight theme 3

And that was it for this week. I’ve written 1k words today in the end, because I needed to write an essay for school…. I cry… Well, anyways, that aside, hope you’re interested in the manhwa and until next time.

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