Manga review: The Children’s Teacher, Mr. Kwon

Yo. So lately my motivation is trickling down… School will kill me one day I think…

Whatever, here’s a new review. It’s a manhwa. As Kissmanga continue to deteriorate even more than it already had been these past years, I had waited quite a long time before finally being able to read the ending. It was finished in December 2013, which is by now about 6 years ago. Rip when you only finished this year. Anyways, that was the info.

The Children's Teacher, Mr. Kwon theme 4


A gangster goes to a rural school to teach a class of five unique children.



To be honest, I’m quite tired right now, so I won’t make a synopsis on my own…

Anyways, the concept. It was interesting. A gangster becomes a teacher at a class with only five children. It’s a bit of a classic concept about those children, but the gangster stuff is interesting at least.The Children's Teacher, Mr. Kwon theme 2

The story itself… it was in the beginning okay, but sometimes felt it was a bit messy. It was probably ok in the beginning, because everything was kept a secret, so you couldn’t judge too much. The story was a bit wonky with too much action happening and timing was just….very coincidentally right. Yes, very ‘coincidentally’. Some things were left too open. The ending was just a wtf…. it’s not really……satisfying…..but maybe you could call it a parody bonus stuff. So let’s hope that’s the case. Well, if the chapter before was the ending…..damn…… So ye not the amazing thing. Though in general, still liked the manhwa, maybe more because I was mostly interested in Kwon Ha’s problem.

The characters, I liked them. They’re a bit cliché at some points, but understandable. Still, the teacher is for me the best character of this manhwa. The other children were cutely drawn and I like their designs.

The Children's Teacher, Mr. Kwon theme 3The character development was very obvious. I saw it very clearly, you notice the change immediately. Though the story wasn’t the best, the character development was good in my opinion. I liked how the children together with the teacher, grew as class and individually.

And now the art. It was a bit messy and crude in the beginning, but I liked it. I like those styles. But it’s not really good for a manhwa in my opinion. But you saw the lines being cleaner, the later you are in the story. Always interesting to see an author grow during their own story.

So in the end, I think I’ll give it a 7/10. I don’t think it was the best story, but in general liked the story development a lot and the concept was interesting. So yeah, that was it.


I’m quite tired, so not gonna say much and well, laters.

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