Manga review: Kantan Dakedo, Mendokusai

Hello people! As you see on the cover, it’s a shoujo manga. It’s only 3 chapters, so it’s short. Le’ts think, I haven’t read other stories of the author, but there are some other stories. They’re short too, so maybe I’ll give it a try. I don’t have anything else to say, so let’s continue.

Kantan Dakedo, Mendokusai theme 3


“Love is troublesome! But, I can’t stop. Even a second after I fall, trouble starts. How is that love——!? Yuuha (Senior high 3rd year) falls in love with anyone who is kind to her or shows her some affection. She is currently, secretly dating Kouno, a university student and a senior at her part-time, gasoline stand job. One day, she hears from her scary junior at work, Kiryuu, that Kouno has another girlfriend——?? Even though she gets hurt when she falls in love instantly, why did Yuuha go and fall in love yet again…!?”


Kantan Dakedo, Mendokusai theme 2


It’s short. Just a cute short story, with a hint of drama in the beginning. Haha, Kouno is a two-timer. Something that I don’t see that happen very often in shoujo manga. Still, nice. Kiryuu is a sweet, but aloof guy and I guess all-in-all, it’s a nice story.

Originality, well like I said, two-timing is something I don’t see often. The protagonist is cute and laughing and trying to be strong and stuff. At least mature enough to not go and kick the person.

Character development is like most shoujo mangas. Just about bonding and falling more in love. Nothing special about that really.

Side characters are ok. Really flat characters. Main characters, I like the designs and the art style with them. It’s cute.

It’s a short manga, but the flow is good for a short one. Not really much of a bother to me.

Nothing much to say about everything. Everything s okay. Average, but satisfying no-brain shoujo manga. Good, stable, like any other shoujo manga. Not much of a drama, only in the beginning and it’s short so yea. I’ll give it a 7/10. It’s okay and good, but it’s not like memorable or anything. If you have free time, read it, I think you’ll like it if you read shoujo manga.


I know it’s a short one, but it’s a short manga, so I can’t help it. Anways, see you next time.

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