Anime review: Hitorijime My Hero

Hello peeps. So I’ve been a bit struggling a bit with choosing anime for some reason. Idk, I’ve reviewed quite some time so I guess, I should binge-watch or go switch from anime reviews to novel reviews temporarily although, I’ve read way too much BL novels haha.

Anyways, this is originally from a manga spin-off. The original story is “Hitorijime Boyfriend”, but I think the side pairing got so popular that the spin-off “Hitorijime My Hero” came along. That one has a Yaoi and Shounen Ai tag. Quite sad it doesn’t update. Anyways, let’s get to the next part.

Hitorijime My Hero theme 3


[Note: This Story contains the story of “Hitorijime Boyfriend” first and “Hitorijime My Hero, so there are two different synopsises in it]

Hitorijime My Hero

Masahiro Setagawa is a hopeless teenager who is often used by the neighbourhood bullies as an errand boy. Defenceless, Masahiro knows that nobody will ever save him. However, his life drastically changes when he meets Kousuke Ooshiba, a man known as the “Bear Killer,” who takes down neighbourhood gangs.

Hitorijime Boyfriend

A year later, Masahiro and his former friend, Kensuke Ooshiba, attend high school, only to find that Kousuke is their math teacher. While the three grow closer, Masahiro starts to view Kousuke as his “hero,” and Kousuke develops an urging desire to protect Masahiro. However, their normal lives take a turn when Kensuke’s childhood friend, Asaya Hasekura, returns, seeing Kensuke as more than just a friend, much to his surprise. Will the three boys be able to live a regular high school life? Or will forbidden love keep them apart forever?

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Hitorijime My Hero theme 2


I was quite confused in the beginning, because Hitorijime Boyfriend got the first few episodes and I read that some weeks before, which I actually totally forgot until I saw the cover and recalled the manga, but later two episodes later, the main story came. Was sad, cuz I liked the manga of Hitorijime My Hero and wanted those two extra episodes for it. Side couple is cute too, but literally didn’t care about how they came together.

So let’s see, the art was nice, I like the chara designs, some comments about Kousuke looking like one of those guys from Mystic Messenger, which I totally get, but I like Kousuke’s personality a lot more! So that was ok.

The story, well, I liked how they processed struggling and getting over their past. I kinda felt along not like crying, but felt little stings, because I sort of relate with some of the thoughts. Kinda pessimistic, but understandable. I liked the issues they thoguht of. Maybe I’m just biased, cuz there’s story in BL for once, but ye. Unique to this, is that there are friends in the story too. Yay.

I liked the character development. Really obvious, but still nice how they deal with it. I didn’t really like the first two episodes, cuz of how the coupling went, but in the end, they’re quite cute together. The latter is just struggling and growing and melting and struggling and growing and melting etc. etc. etc. But it’s nice ye.

In the end, I quite liked this. 1. because it’s a BL story. 2. Because I liked the manga and 3. Cuz I could relate to some stuff. So I’ll give it an 8/10, cuz I just simply liked it. And the ED and OP were nice actually haha.


Well, that’s it for this week, I don’t have much more to say. I may upload some art coming Saturday, but that’s it really it.

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