Manga review: Shinigamihime no Saikon: Baraen no Tokei Koushaku

Good day everyone. The time I’m currently posting this, I’m actually doing a holiday job, which my father is more nervous about then I am haha. The time I’m writing this is in fact for once not a day before. Wow, yes good job me. Okay, I’ll stop praising like that, since I’m the only one who appreciates it anyways. Well, whatever.

Maybe to those who follow me for a while and have read a previous post, it’s indeed the same franchise, just the sequel of it. Yes, idk why they did it like this. It’s most likely that the author needed a break or something. It’s originally a novel, I have not read the novel. Idk if there’s even a translation of it. Well, whatever, let’s just get moving



The strange course of newly-wed life between the death princess and her tyrant husband…

(Source: Aqua Scans)

*cough* because I felt like this wasn’t enough, I’m just putting the synopsis of the prequel here *cough*

Because at her wedding ceremony her future husband suddenly died, people decided to call Alicia “Shinigamihime” (the princess of the death). Some time after that incident, a despot came to propose to her…

(Source: Sound of Jewels)

They’re so short I know! But it basically tells you everything you need, since the story isn’t very complicated haha.



Well, it’s actually the same as before I think. Just an amusing, simple and witty story. A pretty protagonist whose common sense isn’t completely right and her husband who doesn’t follow it 100% either, but has more common sense than her.

There was a bit of character development, but that’s more on the side characters than them, which is totally okay.

It’s quite a short story, so not really that big of a plot. The plot itself was nice, a bit surprising (more because I didn’t think really while reading) and just refreshing, since the protagonist isn’t able to attack herself, but can at least avoid pretty well and defend herself to at least don’t have any injuries. She’s actually pretty smart, just that it doesn’t show on most of her actions and what she says.

I give it a 7/10 again. I liked the story just as refreshment. Wasn’t big, not complicated and no (big or disturbing) plotholes really.

If you’re interested here is the link to the prev review, but all in all, it’s about the same as this one, since you could literally just merge the series together as one actually.


And that’s it for this week yay. I finish it on time for once. This is life with holidays *melts*. Until next time (^o^)/

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