Anime review: Lord of Vermilion: Guren no Ou

Nyallo~. So today it’s an anime based on a card game. I have no idea if you ever heard of it. Before I went to watch this anime, I came onto that it was a game and what kind of game it was. A bit vague in my mind, but it sounded ok for a game I guess. The synopsis was kind of vague, but still went to watch without really paying attention to other comments, like I usually do…..Welp, final verdict, won’t say that yet. So let’s go!

Lord of Vermilion Guren no Ou theme 1


Set in Tokyo, it’s January 29, 2030. High-frequency resonance is observed in the vicinity of Tokyo, and the red fog rolls into the city. Those who hear the sound, humans and animals alike, pass out, losing consciousness. Everything shuts down in Tokyo, believing that the fog is carrying an unknown virus that causes an epidemic. However, six days later, after the incident, people wake up as if nothing happened. After that, Tokyo’s sealed-off city sections gradually return to normal. However, since the high-frequency resonance, some “bizarre events” start to happen, and people find themselves being pulled deeper into more mysteries. Meanwhile, young people start to become aware of themselves and release their power hidden in their blood, discovering themselves as “vessel of wisdom blood.” Together, being led by something unknown, they meet, communicate, and face the unavoidable circle of fate, sacrificing their own lives.

(Source: MAL News)

Lord of Vermilion Guren no Ou theme 2


Well, in short: This was just shit. Can’t believe they even tried this. The story was weak and a lot of things just didn’t make sense. Even if they tried to make it mysterious, it just sucked and everything is just ugh.

Let’s just start with the animation. The animation scenes……well, some fighting scenes were endurable. But simply said, it was just cheap. Using not many frames to make a battle. It’s like a child who plays with two stuffed animals who’re supposed to fight with each other… I barely say anything about animation normally, but this was a bit too obvious.

The story. Well, in short, our protagonist doesn’t want to let anyone die, but sees them in a vision. They don’t mind dying for our protagonist while first saying some hateful words before they disappear into nothingness. Super vague stuff. A lot of plotholes with stuff like “You’re such a hateable guy” and then after 2 minutes “I kinda liked you”. Like wtf, how? Or “You changed” and then “You haven’t changed at all”. Everything revolves around our protagonist who should clearly see that everyone will die because of him and not just disappears or anything, no, he’s just still there standing as the victim. And even thinks what he does is right while everyone believes in him and dies at his side….ugh…. Such a cliché, plothole, overdramatic story, which doesn’t even make any sense. Can’t believe the script got approved.

The character development. Most are towards “I don’t mind dying if Chihiro survives” and “getting over my past”, which is one accident often. Most things are actually pretty vague or hastily explained. Not really amazing. Our protagonist finally sees he should just die on his own, while leaving everyone around him. Yup yup. Trying to be the goody-two-shoes and killing everyone in the meantime, yup yup.

Art was ok? Just the designs from the game I assume. Liked that some seiyuus were there. I think they’re the from the original game too so yay. Music was…..just ok. Not bad but not good either in my opinion. And that’s about it I think

In the end, I’m giving a 2/10. I think that one point is what they get, because I at least thought the concept could be ok and except the just mentioned things, everything is basically shit. Yeh, been a while since I watched such a bad anime. Hahaha.


Welp, that was it for this week. Until next time and I hope there’s something better.

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