Manga review: An Uncomfortable Truth

I’ve read this manhwa last month. It’s actually from Lezhin, but I read it on an aggregator site. Lezhin gets aggregated quite a lot these days, I noticed. I do feel a bit of pity, but on the other hand, I get to read new stories. At first, the cover felt as if this would be an abusive bl novel or something. I sort of had it right? I mean, it’s no BL and I’m absolutely okay with that. I read more shoujo manga than bl actually haha. BL is a bit…..kinky often? Well, I tend to not read it a lot in manga, but I do read BL novels. Shounen-ai manga/manhwa/etc. is super nice in society themes often. Anyways, I don’t know anything. Well, let’s continue.



Yoseob, normally very quiet and composed, is in the police station convicted of stabbing 8 civilians with a knife. Everyone’s wondering whether he actually committed the crime. Does he, a mere high-schooler, really have any reason to have done such a horrifying act? Does his obsessive love for his older brother, Jaeha, have something to do with it?

An Uncomfortable Truth theme 1


When I began reading, I didn’t really know what to expect and got fast in a rather normal peaceful story. Though you got to know that Yoseob, our detained guy, is an extreme yandere brocon. Gradually you see in multiple perspectives a story going from their school life to the present to the school life and even to childhood. A very professional manhwa it is.

Let’s talk about the art. Absolutely nice. It makes things sweet and very general, which can make things a bit creepy too, but gives mostly a cute vibe. Later it changes a bit with the vibe as the conclusion will come.

The concept is not the most original, but very well worked out. An obsessive person/stalker and his or her target. Though I see the theme more often, I think this is quite a well explained and built up concept and story.

And the story may be a bit open with the ending, but it makes it whole at the same time. Everything is concluded and let the scars stay. I think the ending had to be how it should be. So you know, it’s quite a Bad ending. But the bad ending was necessary for everything to conclude. Even when they want to say ‘if this had not happened’ or ‘if I had done something’, it happened and that was a no-way-back. Everything was set into a butterfly effect and reacted to one another becoming like this.

Most things are connected and some are added and associated with the tragic fate. But we learn of these things and maybe people would say this will never happen, it may have happened before or is even happening now. It lets us see a truth that is indeed a bit uncomfortable, but not something unlikely to happen. So let us open our eyes for a possibility like this and how realistic all reactions are. Because I would actually believe this if people were to say this is based and dramatised on a real story.

I thought the ending was quite a surprise, but thinking about it later, it was a bit inevitable.  It’s not like people would be most satisfied, and yet they are, about it. I think it’s wonderful that the author lets us think about it.

I’ll give it a 10/10. It was just that amazing. I coudn’t pick any flaws. I love psychological stories, bad endings and realistic view and reactions. They’re all in there. THis is just my interest in how people would react. This is the first time I give a 10/10, but it truly deserves this in my eyes. It’s just that good to me.

So I recommend you to read it if you can handle heavy stories. Because this is one heck of a ride that’s truly worth it to me.


Well, I’m finally done with exams 20 minutes after this post, so I’m sort of done with school right now. Just have to finish some stuff, but the rest is done. Now I can try to stockpile for real. I’ll try, not saying I will. But I have a summer holiday job so let’s see what I’ll do.


See you next time


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