Art drawing: June 2019

It’s been a while since I ever uploaded some art. Yes, I wanted to, but I’m not the most motivated person with drawing and when I have the motivation, I would rather study. So, yes. Here are some things I made. Everything is at least older than a month. Links are under the sample picture.

Mandala 7 (watermark)
Mandala 7: Winter Thoughts

Download link: Mandala 7

Mandala 8 (watermark)
Mandala 8: Shot through the Heart

Download link: Mandala 8

Mandala 9.1 (watermark)
Mandala 9

Download link: Mandala 9

Mandala 10 (watermark)
Mandala 10: Wood

Download link: Mandala 10

Mandala 11 (watermark)
Mandala 11: Waves of Water

Download link: Mandala 11


Full download link

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