Manga review: Yuusha Goikkou no Kaerimichi

Good day to you all. So, this time it will be a one-shot. I’m a bit stressed out right now due to the exams going on, but most of the important stuff is now finished already for me, since I’ll repeat grades. So I just wanted to share this little story. I don’t even think this will reach 300 words, so haha. anyways, let’s get going.

Apparently, this is the author of BOZEBEATS, which I have reviewed some time before too. I have no idea if the information is correct, but it won’t surprise me. The author also made a 4-Koma manga for Kimetsu no Yaiba and it’s called Kimetsu no Aima. Publisher is Shounen Jump. A lot of comics come from Shounen Jump so haha. And that was the info.



A young mage is going with the hero on a mission to go back home. Let us see the glorious hero party again at home.



I liked the art. It’s indeed shounen-styled. The girls aren’t ecchi, which is nice. I don’t like ecchi really.  The story was really well made and very…….well, it made you think a bit more about how a glorious story really is. Going back and forth in time and just following memories and the current time. It’s something that doesn’t happen that often in Shounen manga. To see the other side of a hero. The characters were very easy to notice, because they were stereotypical, which is nice for a one-shot.

I’m giving it an 8,5/10. A very good story which, although a tragedy, is a very good one. I liked that it was original and the end of the story. Some people were crying because of it haha. I’m not a tearjerker with this stuff, so I don’t end up crying most of the time.

I won’t recommend it for you to read if you don’t like the slightest bit of a BE, but otherwise, just read and let yourself think for a bit.


And that was it for this time. Like I said, short, but can’t help it and now I’m going to learn for math. Laters

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