Manga review: Chasing the Sun

Hello guys! So I begin writing again on the day before actually posting….oof. I may have to write more this weekend, since finals are coming up and I don’t want to stress about this stuff. Even though I’m repeating grades, it’s still not nice to have worries, since I want to score ok at the finals.

Anyways, the synopsis I read on Kissmanga was quite simple: “It’s one of the top 10 of the best manhua.” I wasn’t convinced actually. I only read it after the end was neigh, so I skipped a lot of waiting to read on aggregator sites. Also, about that, yes I read it aggregator sites unless you have a server dedicated to those posts, like I have currently with novels and some manga. So after binge-reading it, I finished it in about 2 days. I have no life…. OTL. But let’s continue on before I start blabbering too much nonsense.

Chasing the Sun theme 4


High school student Xiao Xiang An is experiencing life in the big city for the first time while she is staying with her distant relatives. At the behest of her relative’s friends, she ends up disguising herself and sneaking into a bar with them where she runs into a handsome and charming employee. The following day she goes back to her regular appearance only to have a very different encounter, meeting a guy who is nothing but rude and hateful!

(Source: MU)



Let’s begin with the easiest thing to talk about, art. I liked the art. I often like the art actually. It was really nice to have. The art was a bit with soft lines, which made it really get a certain mood I guess. Most colouring was the same, so a consistency. I think the use of colour in this was really well done and actually very glossy and soft-looking which I liked very much.Chasing the Sun theme 3

The story, I actually didn’t like the story that much at first, but after staying to read, I began to like it. It’s quite a slow-paced romance and the problems of youth centre the manhua in the beginning and middle. If you look for a romance story throughout the whole series, like those classic Japanese Shoujo mangas, then don’t come to this. At least here you face some real-life problems. They’re unique problems, since they aren’t shown a lot, but they’re actually topics that come forth here and there. It’s just that no one talks about it I guess. But I like how most characters have some story too, instead of plain 2D characters.

So let’s go with that to character development. It’s steady growth, which may still have some scars of the past, but they grow up with it and learn how to live with it or walk forwards and leave it behind. It’s very consistent and actually feels very natural and not that ‘Oh, it’s love at first sight’.

And now more story, because I couldn’t stop rambling about it. Some things don’t come happily sweet, but in the end, it’s definitely a 100% happy ending. I absolutely loved the last chapter. I think most of you would be satisfied too. The characters around them that matured to adults living in the society we live in now. Straightforward goals for them and not making it too big.

I would give it an 8/10, since it’s really a good manhua. I don’t know about other manhuas, since I only seem to manage and find a lot of bad manhuas, but this one is definitely good. I mean, there are definitely good ones out there, but finding the good ones is hard. Definitely, those who keep on translating. I think the fact that it’s in the modern world without fantasy and that stuff, feels very good. It’s realistic, but still gives you a feeling of fiction.Chasing the Sun theme 1


And so this was it for this week and see you next time. I may stockpile this week, because finals are beginning in June and I just need to have this off of my mind. Bye~

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