Anime review: Otome Youkai Zakuro

Hello people. I’m here again with a review! Yay, it will last this time and no hiatus or any other lame excuse I can think of \(≧▽≦)/.

So this is originally from a manga, which I haven’t read actually. I won’t compare manga and anime thus. This anime was released in fall 2010, so quality-wise was really trying to adapt while watching, which went relatively easy for me surprisingly. So let’s go to the next segment.

Otome Youkai Zakuro theme 2


Second Lieutenant Kei Agemaki, the son of a famous general, has hidden his extreme fear of paranormal beings all his life. However, when he and two others are reassigned to live and work with youkai in the Ministry of Spirit Affairs, he is brought face-to-face with his worst nightmare. Now with the help of the fox spirit Kushimatsu, he and his fellow officers must learn to work alongside youkai maidens—Zakuro, Susukihotaru, Hoozuki, and Bonbori—to solve paranormal cases.

Set in the midst of an alternate version of Japanese Westernization, Otome Youkai Zakuro explores the clashes and unions that can occur when east meets west, local meets foreign, and women meet men. The unusual alliance of the youkai maidens and human officers must learn to work together in a world that is changing around them.

Otome Youkai Zakuro theme 3


So the setting is really a fairly popular time to fantasize about for shoujo romance. Pretty innocent and stuff everything. I can say that our protagonist is a tsundere. Haha, yes a tsundere. It’s a bit softened by some other stuff, but yeah, it’s a 100% legit tsundere. I wasn’t bothered by it really, because sometimes they go too far these days with the concept ‘tsundere’.

Whatever, so the plot of the anime is quite easy to manage. Not really much unexpected and last story development is okay too. It’s a bit classic but well developed, so it’s all okay. Some concepts may be cliché, but this one is still nice to have once in a while. Story is really easy to follow and I like the ships happening already with the main characters and around them. The ending may be a little mellow-dramatic, but still nice. For an anime, I think it’s good. If it was for a novel, I would’ve found it way too sappy.

I’ll give it an 8/10. It’s memorable, since I remember the plot quite well (been like 2 years, since I watched this, rip). Story-wise is nice, art is nice, movements are nice. I like the OP and ED song. Not that I remember it quite well, but whatever. I at least remember they weren’t bad. So yeah.


That will be it for this week. And then see you again I guess?

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