Manga review: Moritat

Hello everyone and I’m back again. I had a nice holiday (writing on one of my last days of holiday (#IShouldStopProcrastinating)). Now I’m full of energy again to write a review and am going to stockpile as I’m currently writing this. Yay.

So this one is a Korean webtoon. I don’t know the background information about the artist or writer. Apparently, their twitter account is gone too, so can’t find anything relevant to them. They haven’t made any other series and the English version of this was finished about almost exactly 2 years ago (just a day passed when this is posted). But I guess credits to 서경 (Seo Gyeong) and 이선의 (Lee Seon Ui). Also, this is BL so if for those who don’t like the genre, I recommend you quit here already, unless you want to try it.

Moritat theme 3


With all his memories wiped out, Jesse, wakes up in the hospital and in front of him stands a man that suggests he’s Jesse’s lover. However, the only fragmented memory Jesse has of that man is him trying to kill Jesse. But is his fragile memory reliable? Who’s telling the truth and what is actually going on? Why was he in the hospital to begin with? A luxury BL thriller that will keep you wanting for more.

Moritat theme 1


So, one thing I will say already about this: It has a very complicated plot. Well, in the end, the plot isn’t THAT hard to understand when you’re at the ending. Only that when reading you will feel this all is very confusing maybe and very hard to solve. You know as much as Jesse and making everything suspicious is the other man.

Let’s first talk about the art. It’s simply beautiful. I love it a lot and it’s so detailed, while holding the webtoon-ish style. It’s so complicated to draw, but really like how everything is coloured, expressed and drawn. Can’t help but wonder how much time was put in there. The shading and the brushes used for this was good.

Then the concept. I think it’s well done. Moritat is from a well-known song of the play ‘The Threepenny Opera’. The original title is “Die Moritat von Mackie Messer” (“The Ballad of Mack the Knife”) of that song and I guess it has to do with this webtoon. I don’t know it all that well (I should ask my German teacher). But back to the plot, I think it’s really well thought of. It’s a classic scenario where you can’t escape the house and only staying at one point.

I think how the plot went from one way to the other, it gradually reveals the interesting truth behind everything. I think it’s really cool how the plot was formed and how everything came on how it was now. It has a nice pace and you really want to know the truth too with it. It deserves its genre with ‘thriller’ because you really feel the excitement.Moritat theme 3

I’ll give it a 9/10. It was really nice and the ending was for me not like satisfying, but more like the ‘right ending’. It didn’t give me a feeling of ‘Why this kind of ending?’ but really a ‘this is how it’s supposed to be’ ending. I can’t call it anything else.

Absolutely a recommender to BL lovers, but not really to those who begin. Or maybe those who just love mystery and like good plot twisters. I also recommend it to read it in one go, but you need to take your time reading it and should remember how the plot goes (I binge-read it in one-day oof),


Well, this was it for the first review in times! So hope you liked it and maybe you could say what you liked or disliked about it. See you next week as usual again.


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