Manga review: Shinigamihime no Saikon

Well, this will be a fast one this time as I have to learn for a test ^_^”. So apologies, but this is a short one anyways. I only thing I know is that it apparently has a novel too. From what is what adapted, I don’t know, but sure. As I will have to type fast, let’s move on!

Shinigamihime no Saikon theme 3


Because at her wedding ceremony her future husband suddenly died, people decided to call Alicia “Shinigamihime” (the princess of the death). Some time after that incident, a despot came to propose to her…

Shinigamihime no Saikon theme 1


So I quite liked this manga. The story itself is a bit muddled in my head, but I know from the fragments that it’s a witty story. The protagonist is quite amusing and not really a lady. Still, she’s quite pretty I guess. So I liked the concept and the story, even though it’s a really no-brain story. Not that that’s wrong, but I still want to have more stories I have to think. Well, character development wasn’t really there, but I felt it had a story, but the characters don’t need the development actually. The story has an ending, which I don’t remember (lol sorry). I don’t remember it, but I think it’s a closed ending, where gets followed with a sequel since they originally wanted to stop this manga I think. Well, I’m happy they didn’t because all in all, it had a refreshing feeling. It’s an original story and the protagonist is quite like a happy-go-lucky person. Maybe a bit too much luck I guess, but that’s with every protagonist. I’ll give this a 7/10. Although I quite liked it, it’s not like I had the biggest impression of it. It’s nice to read, but that’s it for me.


Well, sorry that this review is short, but I at least wanted to write a review at least, before I get lazy. Now I really have to go as I still have to do some stuff (cry), called home/school work. Anyways, bye

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