Anime Review: Qualidea Code

Qualidea Code theme 3Greetings people. So this anime was I think before it aired quite a hype. People expected a lot from it and it was written in a very unique way that doesn’t happen very often. It was written by three different writers and they all went through a different route with 2 characters, a male and female. I think it’s quite interesting how they did it. To be able to read those Light Novels, I recommend you get the physical copies because not all of the light novels are available as online translation. That aside, that’s my background knowledge of it.



The story takes place in a world where people continue their war against the “unknown”—the enemy of humanity. Children who have been evacuated to a cold sleep facility during the invasion by the “unknown” several decades ago wake up from their slumber and learn that their bodies developed some supernatural forces. In order to protect the country from the “unknown” emerging from the Tokyo bay gate, the boys and girls wage battles in the defense the cities of Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Chiba.

(Source: Official site)

Qualidea Code theme 1


To say my opinion direct right now; It wasn’t really good, but could be worse.

I had some trouble with the development and story flow of so many different characters. I don’t think it’s bad to have so many main protagonists, but the flow was a bit weird sometimes for me. It may be because of the different ways each pair gives. If you know that there are three different authors, it may make some sense why it’s so different.

I think the concept of the world is quite interesting. If you worked it out a bit more, I think it would’ve been more solid and with three different authors, it is a bit wonkier, but still okay. I think you can do many good things with apocalyptic worlds. I quite like Owari no Seraph myself for as an example. So not bad, just could be more solid.

The story, can’t really help but say it kind of sucks. The action was there, just very minimal and not that big of a spectacle. Like I said, the flow was a bit troublesome. It was also quite abrupt sometimes. I still liked some of the development of the characters. The pasts of the youth were easy to understand when given hints, but sometimes so slowly given. I heard the animation was quite bad, but I don’t remember it quite well. I can believe it did though. It’s been like 2 years since I saw it, so please forgive me for not remembering it. I luckily still know my impression of it. So the story, if it would be longer, I think I would’ve quit already, it’s not even that good since the ending is with too many holes. Plot reveal was super abrupt and it didn’t even answer half of my questions that were still lingering. And even though it kind of sucks, I don’t think it’s a bad story. Just unstable if I can call it like that.Qualidea Code theme 2

I’ll give it a 6/10. It’s not the best anime, but good enough to watch it. Story, meh. Character development, obvious and good. Concept, interesting, but not thought through. Flow, could be much better.



And that was it. Indeed, mediocre anime, but not everything shines brightly. I don’t have anything to say really anymore. Well, laters then.

p.s. My favourite character was Kasumi Chigusa with his frank indirect personality and actions

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