Manga review: Monokuro Shounen Shoujo

A good day everyone (for me it is when I upload), I think it’s been a while since I uploaded a review of a manga that has more than 50 chapters. I mean, there isn’t a lot where I feel like reviewing or that it is even fully translated (so rip when I have to lean on translations).

That aside, the author of this manga you may know of the anime and/or manga ‘Fukumenkei Noise’, which I still want to read and is somewhere on my manga list (where there are over 300 manga’s I want to read (save me lol)). If you know what happens in the anime or manga, please give me any spoilers! Anyways, here’s your weekly review.

monokuro shounen shoujo theme 3


Kureha Mimachi, a 15-year-old girl, has just transferred into Shiritsu Kenhono High School. However, there is something weird about this school, it is actually a school where the Princes and Princesses of the beast-kind go to…?!
Even though Kureha is human, she is there as a way to help the students their lives peacefully with humans and has the role as the “rabbit”. Will she be able survive without being eaten by the students…?! Only time and her hidden bodyguards will be able to answer that…

(Source: Midnight Scans)

monokuro shounen shoujo theme 2


So there isn’t really a self-made synopsis necessary, because I am lazy (#procrastinating) and it actually fits in well. First of all, the concept. I liked the beast-kind, which made it possible to extend outside of the normal world. Though I still don’t understand why the humans have to be a rabbit and will be eaten if their identity is revealed, I think it’s well thought of. I mean, it’s pretty gruesome that they eat humans. Why would there even be a school for beast-kind there, if they want to eat humans? Beast-kind themes are most of the time when I read them, getting used in kind of a bad way. So I’m happy this manga used it well. There still are some questions in the end for me (which I will spoil at the end if you scroll over them, because I just can’t help it.)

The art, I thought it was nice. It’s not the modern kind, but clean so understandable. Some older styles in mangas are a bit messy which has a certain charm, but I can’t help dislike those styles. So when there’s an elder kind of shoujo manga art style that is liked, I think it’s nice to appreciate it. So art was a thumbs-up.

Last of all, the story. I thought the story was nice. Though a bit on the slow side, it actually didn’t bother me. It was good pacing with enough character development at the main and side characters. With a hint of romance that is present, but not as the core, it’s an obvious fantasy romance, which still contains some realism in it I guess. The romance was obviously there in the later part and it made character developments, but friendship was more important and world building too. There aren’t many gaps in the story and where there are is, because it was on purpose. In the stories are not necessarily bad endings, but I can’t call them the best endings either. I liked that it wasn’t a fairy-tale happy story and carried a hint of realistic problems. Not that it was like: ‘Everything is because of the protagonist’s halo’ what makes it for me very enjoyable. There was character development at side characters, where they focus on a lot and I like it. It’s obvious when you compare and comes at a logical amount.

Overall, I really liked it. I want to give it a 7,5/10. It’s good, a manga that was released for 4 years and had a sense of realism, but also confusion. The confusion was more at the end and the goals of some characters. It makes me frown a bit. So yeah it won’t be a 9 or 9,5. Still, I recommend it to you if you like shoujo manga’s where you won’t come mainly for the romance, but also just for the story development.

monokuro shounen shoujo theme 4

Spoiler begins (select the text if you want to read)

So, my confusions were that they were so focussed on becoming humans and some were lame reasons. The aristocratic stuff wasn’t much help, to be honest for me. It was like an extra or where are the commoners then? Why the hell did they have to make a school where they want a human? I mean, she can easily be eaten and what of the previous rabbits? If they are, what do their parents even think? No rumours, not realistic. And sometimes how the outside world is completely blocked off is somewhat unbelievable for me. At least there should be some information about outside that the main character wants to know about. Though she’s not totally dense, I don’t think it’s the best either. The ending was nice, because they ended up getting together, but not remembering, which was not like: ‘OH I suddenly remember you. Welcome back!’. If that happened, I would’ve probably rated the manga lower. Well, that was my rambling. Feel free to criticise my spoilers/other thoughts. I know it’s a fantasy manga in the end. Only that the problems were realistic enough. ;D

End of spoiler

monokuro shounen shoujo theme 5

And that was the end of the review. First of all, I want to redraw the banners on this server, since there are mistakes in them and the information is mostly old. I will add new ones too.

Second, I have an editor for my novel. Because I’m a newbie and she’s a pretty experienced (fanfic) writer, it takes some time to edit. My sentence structure is kind of stiff and may be unclear. She tries her best, but I want her to take her time since I don’t pay her. In the future, I may or may not add Patreon, but I don’t think I’ll ever be successful enough to do that. So the updates are super duper slow! I also don’t have all the time to write, when I want to do other stuff too.

And last of all, thank you for reading, I hope you liked it and see you next week!

Bye \o


(Holy shit, I wrote over 1K words just like that)

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