Manga review: What the Skylark says

Hello people. The previous week I didn’t do a review, because I simply forgot haha. My apologies for it. Anyways, happy 2019! This is indeed my first post of the year. This time it’s a manhwa, which I read some months ago. I had it in my reading list for quite a long time, but never really wanted to read it. I finally decided to read it some time ago, because I had nothing to do in my summer holidays ^^”. So, I will stop rambling on and start.



Official one:

“I think about the same things every day. I hope for the same things every day. Perhaps I was born in the wrong dimension; I feel that this is my true world… Maybe the world I was first born in was fake. Because- take a look, this world is beautiful. Only in this world do I feel happy.


Kim Suyun is a student who rather likes to be in virtual reality than staying in reality. She’s quite a game addict, because of her father being quite an ambitious inventor. He created Lucid Dream, which was a project that stopped for quite a long time. Now, she tests it out and in reality, she finds a childhood friend again. He’s introverted and a bit odd. Her father wants her to get along with him, while she doesn’t like him. Slowly she realizes that she actually doesn’t dislike him that much and the truth behind his odd behaviour and thoughts.



And so, that was my synopsis. I don’t think it was bad, only a bit too revealing maybe. Aside from that. The first time I read it, I didn’t understand what the story was about. Slowly I understood, but it was very vague. That was making it vague was for me a bit confusing, but I quite liked it in the end. It was interesting for someone to write a story like that and how they drew it. I think it deserves the praise that someone has such a realistic, yet unrealistic thought. It is realistic, because I can really believe someone could suffer from it, but unrealistic due to the advanced technology that is there and could help it like that. I think the story was an eye-opener that there were still good stories like that. I am getting quite bored these days with most of the manga. Manhwa and manhua are now much better in most stories. I do hope that people will stop with most isekai stories. I’m getting off topic. So the story was deliberately a bit confusing (or I read too fast), which made it quite interesting when I finally understood. The art is also very beautiful. I couldn’t help but think the way the colours were used for fantasy and reality was very good. It blended, yet not. I’m not an artistic person so please forget what I say if you yourself didn’t think so. The concept was very original. Never read something with this concept. So I’ll give it an 8,5/10. It was very nice to read. The ending was a bit fast and it was quite confusing that I had to read it twice. In the end, I still thought it was a good one, due to its originality and the flow of the story. Wasn’t too hasty nor too slow. I would’ve liked the ending to a bit slower, but it’s also okay like this and I accept the author’s wishes. I can’t complain anyway since I never made such a thing. I have heard that it costs a lot of work to draw just one panel.


Well, that was it for this week. I’ll try to do it weekly again, but next week exam weeks start again and i haven’t stockpiled. Whoops. I do hope you liked this review and may read it or thoguht the same, or even the opposite.

See you later!

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