Anime review: Jingai-san no Yome

Hello everyone! I’m finally back! And Merry Christmas everyone! So now that I’m back, I’ll take it on probably the same pace, but it could be that I will skip sometimes since it’s not going well with school these days and I don’t have the best motivation to write a review. I’ll try to stockpile but can’t guarantee it’s going to work out. I do like to maintain things like this, so I’ll still try. Now that I have holidays, I’ll try but can’t promise.

Now, about this anime. I found it suddenly and felt it may be interesting. Well, it’s interesting in certain ways. Maybe. SO let’s go to the review now!!!


Tomari Hinowa is a normal high schooler, until one day he’s told that he has to become the wife of a mysterious creature called Kanenogi. This is the start of their newly married life.

(Source: MU)


Okay, basically: It’s weird and I still can’t comprehend a thing with what happened there. I was only literally attracted because of the art. That may be the only reason I watched it at all. It’s kind of trash and there’s a little plot development, but this was probably a 4-Koma originally. They’re all short stories only connected by a timeline. I don’t really like 4-Koma’s so this was already bad enough. Every time I was watching this, I had to set my mind to 0, but afterwards, I would still ask myself ‘wtf did I just watch?! Besides the designs of the characters, everything was kind of trash not logical or unimaginable weird. So I’ll give it a 4/10. I guess that the art and comedic things were okay, but I didn’t like the setting and the personality of the characters at all. So yeah.

This was it for this year. My final post is about a trash short anime! Yay! Wait, is this my final post? Maybe, maybe not? ^w^ Let’s find out.

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