Vows; Sacrifice: Prologue

Author: Zou Yongqi (aka LittleGirlyBlogger) Proofreader/ Editor: Friend Editor later: DreamingFlower Words: 2670 Originally posted on http://www.littergirlyblogger.wordpress.com Table of Content | Next Chapter >> Such a book must contain— it always does!—a disclaimer. I make no such. For here I have collected all the best— the lily from the field among them, forget-me-nots and mint weed, … Continue reading Vows; Sacrifice: Prologue

Anime review: Jingai-san no Yome

Hello everyone! I'm finally back! And Merry Christmas everyone! So now that I'm back, I'll take it on probably the same pace, but it could be that I will skip sometimes since it's not going well with school these days and I don't have the best motivation to write a review. I'll try to stockpile … Continue reading Anime review: Jingai-san no Yome