Manga review: Infinitely Yours

Hello again! So this time it’s a Manhwa. Though the ending isn’t released on some sites yet, I already know the ending. There are 104 chapters and I don’t know a thing about the background. So let’s move forward.

Infinitely Yours theme 3


Moon Crystal Cosmetics is winning the hearts of female customers everywhere- with its all-male team of cute, hot makeup artists! When GoEun joins this space as the first girl employee, strange events and a mystery man start giving her trouble! Where’s my worker’s compensation, my witness protection plan?!!

Infinitely Yours theme 2


So yeah, that’s the translated synopsis. It’s not really that spectacular and I don’t feel like changing it really. It’s a light-hearted story with some dark undertone that gets more serious as the series reaches its end. Romance is there and cute, but not the complete focus. It indeed plays a big role, but the stories around are very nice too. Our protagonist is a meddler like most protagonists are, to get to somewhere with the plot. It’s funny at some other places too so the comedy tag is well deserved. And even though there is a dark undertone, it’s still lightened up with their tone of speech and the funny situations they’re in. The concept was quite original, but also not. The setting at the cosmetics store is almost like Ouran High school and the male lead is immortal while I think having some issues of staying sane, but it works out still quite well I think. The story is kind of predictable, but still nice to read. Most things in the story get solved so the plot doesn’t have many holes and where the holes are, is on purpose and well placed. I’ll give it a 7/10. It was nice and simple, but that was it kind of for me. Indeed it was likeable, but I didn’t feel like saying “Oh this is really one of the best Manga (Manhwa) I’ve read!”. That’s why I’ll give it a 7.


This was it for this week! So I’m gone now, laters.

2 thoughts on “Manga review: Infinitely Yours

  1. I’ve actually started to read manhwa a lot more, so I think I’ll give it a try, even if it wasn’t the most impressive series. Have you heard of Love in Spring? It’s a new manhwa that just started recently. It’s about a guy who’s never had a crush on a girl, and a girl who gets too flustered to hang around any guys. When they meet each other, the guy finds himself falling for someone for the first time, and the girl realizes that for some reason, she has no trouble talking to him, or being around him. It’s a super cute story, so if you’re looking for more romance manhwa to pick up, I highly recommend it!


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