Manga review: Mana Sorcerer

Hi people! So I don’t know anything about the background. It’s a one-shot so this review won’t be that big either. So let’s just go!



Mana, the spirit of green living things, can be used for both good and evil, and an investigative office exists to keep the destructive power of Mana in check. Ruwen is a Mana Investigator who’s been sent to a small town to check out a possible abuse of Mana situation. Once there, he meets the cheerful little girl Miniru, who eagerly guides him around the town. Could Miniru, who is suffering from a strange illness, have something to do with the Mana situation? (taken from MH)



Okay, so the concept is really nice, because mana is an overused thing these days. I liked how the world building was done. It was really only in a good focus and not doing any unnecessary stuff that’s written. It was a short story, so I don’t expect it to be having a background story or anything. There was no character development, since it was mainly focused on the surrounding development of the main character. It wouldn’t matter really in this kind of one-shot. Though the development wasn’t completely unexpected, it still gave me a small surprise, since I don’t know how the world was built. A good way to still make it a bit unexpected for the reader. The art was nice, it’s very shounen-like modern (to call it like that). I liked that there was a serious part, but also a comedic one. I’ll give it a 7,5/10 because I quite liked it. The world building was well done. The story was okay, simple but still nice. The character development was little, but because it’s a one-shot it won’t be a big bother. And last the art was nice, shounen-like, though I still can’t help but don’t completely like shounen art for some reason….


Well, that was it for this time! I hope you liked a short one for once. I guess until next week like always ^u^”/

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