Manga review: BOZEBEATS

Hello people! This time, a shounen manga from the weekly shounen Jump. I think I don’t read them, often but I do indeed read them. It caught my eye and it’s not the longest story, so I didn’t expect it to be this short and it’s nice to review. I don’t know anything about the author, so let’s leave that this time. And moving on now!



Religious monks adapted to modern technology and weaponry to combat the threat of demons. Ryuudaiji, a monk who’s on a journey to locate and purge a demon spirit that is terrorizing a forest which was notorious to be a place where people commit suicides, meets a wolf boy, Tamaki Madoka, and his wolf companion. Things start to develop between the two, after an encounter with a tree demon spirit as Tamaki decides to go to the outside world to learn more about his past.



So, it’s a short story. The main ideas are being solved and it’s only in 14 chapters, so it is indeed cramped. I quite liked it. I only thought the plot went a bit fast, but I could keep up. There were some surprising elements and the concept let me think of Tokyo Ravens for some reason. There are time skips and it’s fast-paced. Nice, because I mostly know that serialised shounen mangas are so slow. Even slower than the pace I run in. Well, the art is nice too. Though you see it’s obviously shounen, it’s still a nice style. The scenery is drawn very detailedly, but you can still see what’s going on. Character development is very obvious, because of the beginning. Flags are being triggered, because the protagonist doesn’t know about himself and there’s only one arc really. The ending is open, but you can kind of predict what happens after. Mostly characters are stereotype though. I still don’t like shounen fighting scenes, not here either. I give it a 6/10. It was nice to read, but it wasn’t really on my top that I loved it. Just, nice to read. By the way, even though there are only 14 chapters, they’re quite long.


Well, this time it’s a shorter one, since I can’t really tell much more about it I guess? Well, hope you liked it and until next week!

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