Manga review: Necromancer

Hi people, so for a switch I’ll do something more shounen I guess? I mean, I randomly chose it when I scrolled down my list of already read manga. So the author has also drawn ‘Kyuuyaku marchen’, which is an interpretation of an album of SOUND HORIZON. I have no idea about the song, but I think the art and story is pretty cool. The author also drew the spin-off of Shoukoku no Altair. Anyways, enough about the author, let’s go to the review.



Look for him in the boulevard full of sorrow and desires called Slum Street and there is where you shall find the Necromancer.Necromancer theme 2 He has the power and knowledge to resurrect all your loved ones and the only thing you have to do is make a contract with him while you’ll find yourself being swiped away by a tale of life and death.

One day a young girl decides to investigates the Necromancer. This activates a seres of events revealing some things of the past.



So I didn’t think it was bad. I thought the concept was pretty original, the setting somewhat less and the art was nice and clean. I think the big line was also okay, but very predictable in some ways, which were not bad. The biggest lesson you get in most beginning chapters are: The dead and those people involved are pretty much a pain when being in society. So this time necromancers are seen as good and bad. They have their views in life, which makes it difficult to decide whether they’re bad or not when you think about it. I mean, people come looking for them, but like the tales of witches. When they’re useless, they get branded as evil. The setting was between a boy and a girl, which are connected by some things and despite everything, it still has a ‘happy ending’. It’s not totally happy I think, but it’s satisfying for the people in the book. It is not uncommon for this to happen and the art was nice. I liked it. It made it seem dark, but also had its cute sides, that makes the things scarier when seeing the ‘truth’ of the cases there. The story was nice. I liked the world-building and the story had its twists and turns. Not all of them were predictable, but you could guess a lot of things if you think longer about it. I’ll give it a 7/10. It’s not the best one I’ve seen, but it is a good one to read. Pretty ark in some ways, but it also has its light parts.


Well, this was it for this week. I hope you liked it and maybe you’ve red it before (since it finished translating already in 2012).



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