Manga review: Hiyokoi

A shoujo manga it is indeed. I don’t think many of the shoujo manga’s I’ve read are completed. Though that doesn’t matter, since most are still updating. Anyways, this one was completed (with translating) almost a year ago, I think. Good job translators, though it says it’s not complete, the extra’s aren’t really worth waiting for when the main story is done. So, let’s go today too!

Hiyokoi theme 4


Hiyori is a very shy and small girl. Due to an unfortunate accident, she was left in the hospital for a year and finally returning to school. Due to her shy nature, she doesn’t talk much and she gets teased by her small stature. trying to make friends, she meets her notable classmate Yuushin and sits beside her. The thing that is notable about him, is that he is super long. Sitting beside him brings her a simmer of hope getting more friends.

Hiyokoi theme 2


So, yeah, typical shoujo manga. First having a problem of having no or one friend, due being too appearance or personality. Second is falling in love very fast with a boy, which is super popular or notable. The third is trying to build up courage by male lead. Fourth is Female lead is being loved by a rival, which doesn’t even have a chance and will forever be one-sided. And last, dealing with some ‘rivals’ who either become friends or disappear from the story. I mean, it’s not bad there are these elements, but it’s a bit……boring I guess? I mean, the problem being small and super large is an original idea, but the elements are the same as each other typical shoujo manga. The art is pretty cute, but that’s every manga. Hiyokoi theme 3Originality, not really in it besides their length. Art, typical cute and simple. The story, okay but predictable. Satisfaction is still there who just like to set their mind to 0 and read this. Drama is not OVERDRAMATIC, but it’s still near it at some moments I can literally look like (-_-). Luckily they didn’t make it longer otherwise, I may have been bored. And though I ramble and complain about it, it’s not bad if you just want a typical shoujo manga. I actually enjoyed it, it’s only that looking at it for the second time makes you realize what it actually is, which doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it anymore. I’ll give this a 7/10, since originality is definitely not in it, still, it’s satisfying to read. If you don’t like cliché or drama things that aren’t needed, why are you even reading shoujo manga?


Well, that was it, I made the synopsis this time myself. Good job me for once that I do what I tell myself to do. Anyways, go ahead and read it I guess. Unless you’re fed up with shoujo, I think you will enjoy it. Well then, see you next week.

2 thoughts on “Manga review: Hiyokoi

  1. I think Hiyokoi definitely has a cute concept, and I think I’m definitely going to try it out in the future, mostly because I really love shoujo/romance series. But I can also see why some parts were frustrating. I still want to give it a fair chance though, since the concept seems fairly original. If you’re looking for more shoujo series to try out, I think you might enjoy You Make Me Swoon. It’s a series about a girl in highschool who has a ‘curse’ that prevents her from talking to the guy she likes. She’s determined to break the curse to become normal, and have a relationship that she’s been dreaming about. It’s a really cute series with a lot of unique characters, and definitely one of my favorite ongoing romance series at the moment.


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