Anime review: Nil Admirari no Tenbin

An otome game adapted to anime……hmm….it’s always a guess whether they’re bad or pretty okay. I read a review of this otome game before. That one is pretty reliable as a reviewer, so I could believe it. Didn’t say it was really bad, but also not really good either. Who knows, I thought, and so watched the anime.

Nil Admirari no Tenbin theme 2


The time is the 25th year of the Taisho Era. Tokyo, Imperial Capital.

Tsugumi Kuze, a member of nobility, is on the threshold of deciding to marry in order to save her declining household. Then, her younger brother is sucked into an accident that was caused by a book titled “Maremono”. This book causes a massive influence on the people who read it.

Through this incident, somehow Tsugumi is now able to see the sentiments that reside within Maremono which are called Aura. In front of this very confused girl, an organization charged with the defense and management of Maremono known as Teikoku Tosho Jouhou Shisan Kanrikyoku (Imperial Library Information Asset Management Bureau), Fukurou for short, appears and requests her cooperation with conducting an investigation into Maremono.

In a state of confusion, she agrees to accept their offer and work with Fukurou investigating Maremono.

This is the story of the fate of one girl whose fate is swaying and fluctuating like a scale balancing.


Nil Admirari no Tenbin theme 3

So what I first want to say is wtf is with the heroine?! She is ‘pure’ and still wears that kind of uniform, not thinking of a solution. Always brooding over the most useless things and thinks she’s strong at the worst moments ever. When that doesn’t happen she is sad. The father which is supposed to be ‘bad’ doesn’t even have a shape or something. That brother that seems super young or gets treated as a little child is reading novels for idk what age, but Kuze thinks it’s not appropriate. The Opening was vague af. what was this? Idols or what? It’s the fricking extended Tashou era and you say idols were there? Don’t kid me. Though the song itself wasn’t bad, the animation was so weirdly random that it didn’t fit the anime at all. The ED was just ikèmen without their shirts. Yeah sure. I think the development of characters wasn’t the worst, but some had a bit of an overdramatic style or it just happened thinking about a memory. I didn’t think the plot was absolutely bad, but it is all by all just put by each other and then in a random order. This was also mentioned in the review I read some time ago. Though I guess the Voice Actors and nice art compensated a bit for the scattered plot and characters. Last but not least critic I want to say is that the ‘hidden character’ is a bit stupidly dealt with and forgiven despite being a maniac. The ending isn’t really bad since everything is solved, but some things are hinting at a second season. I’ll give it a 4,5/10. I just couldn’t really enjoy it. Maybe if the story was more connected, less overdramatic things and the characters had a proper development instead of hasty, this would be a pretty good anime. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Don’t really recommend it, only if you may like otome games/ reverse harem with drama/fantasy.


Thank you for reading and see you next week.

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