Novel review: Violet Evergarden

Hi people, this is another part of the double review of today! So I think many who have been in the anime world for a while or just started at the time should know Violet Evergarden. A very hyped up anime which has beautiful animation art. Well, it is originally from a novel, so why not review that? So here I am. I don’t think many read the Novel (and/or manga) before the anime, but I try to do that most of the time. This makes me see how it originally was and then after an ‘interpretation’ of it. So, let’s go start it!

Violet Evergarden theme 3


“Auto Memories Doll.” It’s already been a long time since that name was first popularized. It’s a machine that Dr. Orlando created that talks in a natural voice. At first, he only made it to help out his loving wife, but before long they spread out into the world. and companies were made to lend them out.

“I’m Violet Evergarden, the Auto Memories Doll who will rush to provide service anywhere you wish.“

That translucent voice comes from a robotic beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes like she came out of a storybook.

Violet Evergarden theme 4


So, I’m not going to compare this to the anime. Absolutely not! I may review the anime of this one later on, but that will be much later. I will compare in the original version of the Anime, Manga or Novel with an adaptation, if I review the adaptation. I will not do otherwise.

Violet Evergarden theme 2Anyways, the concept of her being like a doll and learning emotions is something that’s easy to build on. Safe, good and still original (I think). the art of each chapter is beautifully done. It’s detailed, the characters introduced are coloured very fine and the cover is also very cool. The story itself, well it’s a slice of life. You expect there to be life lessons. With someone who doesn’t know society and emotions very well, it’s very easy to see what kind of lessons there can be given. It’s very obvious and that’s why it’s nice to read. Even though the goal is obvious, the way how things are handled isn’t. I think it’s a unique way of dealing with the problem. The first volume is more life lessons and the second more story progression. One chapter is super long, so be prepared to sit for a while for one chapter. The Life Lessons are well done and the last chapter gives us a look in the past about Violet. The Story progression is slow, but still apparent and I think the balance of the volumes is well done. I may have put some extra story progression in the first volume already, but then you would have to wait even longer, which is a bit hard with the long chapters. I may have liked a bit more in the end, but it’s still satisfying enough I guess. I mean, though the age difference between Violet and General, I was actually shipping them the entire time. Unfortunately General wasn’t there to be shipped enough….. Now the score. I give it a 9/10. It was satisfying, I felt the emotions in the chapters and everything was pretty well-balanced. Though it’s a good story, it’s not the best book I’ve ever read before. That’s why I can’t give it higher. But I think it’s still very good.


And that will be it for this part of the double review of today. I did much longer about this review then I would have thought, but that doesn’t matter. I recommend you read the book before the Anime, because it’s a bit different in story progression. That’s the last thing I wanted to say and until next time!

See you next week

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