Important Notice #008: Delay Story

Hello people. Been a while. Well, now that I’m done with exams I should start again with the reviews and stop procrastinating because it isn’t that much work to do. Only digging my memory what some points were. That aside, it’s not really obvious or something in the title…..

Besides that, yes, mostly expected, I have to delay the novel. Reason? Well… I haven’t really thought some details out an online acquaintance of mine helps me with. Also, I don’t have a title for the book T_T… Literally can’t think of anything suitable as title. I’m literally thinking of making it an idiotic title or a pretty cool title. Though whatever it is, it’s not comedic. The only comedic thing I put in will be not deliberate or the titles of the chapters. I’ll reveal that. As compensation, I will do 3 things very soon.

  1. Release the appearance of certain characters (once I’m done drawing and without colour)
  2. Make a lot of drawings to post.
  3. Write an extra review.

I will definitely do these things. I know how the people should look like in the book so it won’t be hard. Drawings will cost a bit more time since I finish them only in 1 day and it takes a lot of creativity for me. Reviews will be no problem since I sort of gotten Summer Vacation finally! (Not official, it takes another week, but who cares).

I think that this will be a good compensation for this promise of mine. I hope you guys can understand and thanks for reading the reviews. Though my question is actually also what you guys thought of the review. I know it’s short and pretty sloppy, but I don’t really know how to improve. It will be a huge help if you guys gave your opinion about the reviews and the reviewed stuff.

Then you’ll see a review tomorrow. Until then!

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