Art Drawing July 2018 + Main Character Story

Hi, so....though I don't have the quantity I wanted, I at least have something. I did indeed procrastinate, but also had other things to do and couldn't come up with some ideas. Sorry, but I try to post what I have now at least. Here are the drawings! (main character is not available for download. … Continue reading Art Drawing July 2018 + Main Character Story

Manga review: Hiyokoi

A shoujo manga it is indeed. I don't think many of the shoujo manga's I've read are completed. Though that doesn't matter, since most are still updating. Anyways, this one was completed (with translating) almost a year ago, I think. Good job translators, though it says it's not complete, the extra's aren't really worth waiting … Continue reading Manga review: Hiyokoi

Anime review: Nil Admirari no Tenbin

An otome game adapted to's always a guess whether they're bad or pretty okay. I read a review of this otome game before. That one is pretty reliable as a reviewer, so I could believe it. Didn't say it was really bad, but also not really good either. Who knows, I thought, and so … Continue reading Anime review: Nil Admirari no Tenbin

Novel review: Violet Evergarden

Hi people, this is another part of the double review of today! So I think many who have been in the anime world for a while or just started at the time should know Violet Evergarden. A very hyped up anime which has beautiful animation art. Well, it is originally from a novel, so why … Continue reading Novel review: Violet Evergarden

Manga review: Dasadanan

Hello everyone, so this is a part of the double review I have published today. Dasdanan, also called 'Eventful' in English. A light-hearted webtoon with fun and still maybe a bit serious on the other side. Like the previous Anime review, this is Shounen Ai. Blame Dasadanan for getting Shounen Ai reviews from me suddenly … Continue reading Manga review: Dasadanan

Anime review: Spiritpact

Hello people, I'm here again. It's been a while since I was doing a review. Good news I have, because when I first thought I had to repeat classes, I didn't have to! I'm to the next grade, so that's nice. Now, spiritpact. The anime is dubbed to Japanese. There's also a Chinese version of … Continue reading Anime review: Spiritpact

Important Notice #008: Delay Story

Hello people. Been a while. Well, now that I'm done with exams I should start again with the reviews and stop procrastinating because it isn't that much work to do. Only digging my memory what some points were. That aside, it's not really obvious or something in the title..... Besides that, yes, mostly expected, I … Continue reading Important Notice #008: Delay Story