Anime review: Karneval

Hello once again. Yes, I didn’t do a review previous week, because I was busy and procrastinating. This time I have one of my favorites! It is called Karneval! I thought I did a review of it, but apparently, I didn’t. So here is one actually! It’s originally from a manga and the translation updates a bit slow. You’ll be lucky to have 2 in 2 months. Lt’s hold in that. Idk, it just doesn’t update regularly. Before I begin ranting about this, let’s go the synopsis.

Karneval theme 2


Nai, a young boy who’s ignorant about how the world is, got captured by a woman who wants to eat him. Gareki, a thief whose brain isn’t only for show, intends to steal in the house, Nai is. When he meets Nai, he saves him while fleeing from the woman. She turns into a frightening monster that’s called ‘varuga’, monsters that survive on humans. While they flee, they meet the government defense agency “Circus”. They deal with criminal activity that normal police can’t handle. They also protect the people from ‘varuga’ that can leave the people there with a bitter ending. Nai joins Circus in order to find his missing friend and Gareki, who is a worrywart and for his own reasons, joins too. Together with Gareki, Nai uncovers the truth about the shadowy organization Kafka!

Karneval theme 1


Like I said before, this manga is amazing, but slow with updating. The anime is pretty slow paced with the big line, but the things happening eventually lead to one point. I like how Nai is super cute (sugar cube). Gareki is a bit like tsundere, but at least doesn’t blush. I thought the plot wasn’t really that great, it was sometimes like, Omg how?! But not many times. For me, it was more to enjoy the cute art and super cute Nai. Yeah, I know, I like Nai so much. I wish he existed for real or at least have a plushie. I should actually get a plushie once from it. Karneval is one of the few mangas I really look forward to read. The anime was making it neither better nor worse. I think it was an okay anime. I’ll give it a 8/10. The amazing colorful art, cute characters and okay story plot make this all together an ‘average anime’. I think that was all I have to say about this.


That was it for this week. I have posted an update about my coming schedule, so I hope you read it.


See you next time.

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