Manga review: Planetary*

So the English translation of this manga was recently completed. It has 2 volumes containing 13 chapters. A short story and that’s fine. I don’t much to say to be honest so let’s get straight to the review.



The Planet Group is formed of powerful families that represent each planet in our solar Planetary theme 2system and the central Sun Family. Midori is the eldest son of the Earth Family, who is just now entering his high school life in the Planetary Academy. Other than his family name, however, Midori has little going for him. He doesn’t get good grades and is shy and socially awkward.

His low self-esteem isn’t helped by the general disdain his father and younger brother openly show towards him. All they want is for him to not further “dirty” the family name, by staying silent and not standing out in public. But at his new high school, Midori is surprised by the kindness of the other Planet children, particularly Yuudai Jupiter, who takes Midori under his wing on the first day. Will attending the Planetary Academy mark the beginning of a change in Midori’s life, or is there no hope for him after all?



Planetary theme 3Okay, yeah I copy pasted once again, but it really is hard to think of a good synopsys for this one. Anyways, the art first. It’s nice, not those main stream shounen or shoujo manga style. It even reminds me of the some older ones. Though I don’t really know how the style changed so much and what you can call old….. I think the concept was meant good. I mean, I like constellations and was satisfied with it, but how it was as result…. I don’t like it. The story is inconsistent, I didn’t really understand everything and it just has so many holes that I wonder what the author was thinking. I mean like….the last few chapters confused me the most and felt like the author decided to exchange with someone to complete this manga, but went entirely another direction then it was meant to….maybe a bit confusing how I say it? Let’s just say it felt like 2 different stories were merged together at the end. I can’t really understand it. The people in it were mostly confuing too and were suddenly so much changed with personalities after a ‘big story revelation’. I think either the author had to make it longer or the author should’ve scrapped some plot, because I can call this manga a bit of a mess. Therefore I’ll give it a 4/10. The concept and art were meant good. The main protagonist wasn’t really bad, but how it was worked out was just bad.

Well this was it, though I have one thing to say… bruh why genderbent Earth-chan…..really? That’s it then, till next week then.

See ya

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