Important notice #006: Drawing

Hey, it’s been a while since I did a notice. I mean, nothing special really happened, so yeah…. Anyways, I really like drawing a lot. Most of the time things like mandala and I never color them. I thought, maybe it’s fun to post them here on my blog. So I will post that too. I don’t knowhow and when, but I’ll do it probably only once a month, sometimes not even. One drawing of only A5 format costed me 2 days to fill. You’re allowed to use them for whatever, but I’d like to know what it’s used for. Just put it in the comments, tweet me or mail me. I would really like to know. And also, just put a link of my website when used, it’s appreciated. I will probably post the first things when I’m done with copying previous mandala drawing, that’s probably next week somewhere. I hope you would like it and I wonder if people even would notice.

Okay, see you tomorrow with the review.

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