Manga review: Good Luck, Demon King!

Wow, myssticcrescentscans finished translating this a while ago. Currently waiting for season 3. I did a review of the second season before and will place a link at the end of the review to look for it. Let’s get to the synopsis since I have nothing to tell.

Good Luck, Demon Lord 1! theme 3


This is a wonderful world ruled by magic. It’s full of ancient myths and legends of all types, including one such legend that was on most people’s tongues as of late. One about the battle between an evil demon king and the great sages…

In the current day, at the world’s one and only Magic Academy—the Forest Academy of Magic, more and more odd creatures seem to be appearing and causing trouble. And in the middle of it all, there always seems to be the shadow of an academy student named “Salaman”… With these signs, it seems like it’s all hinting that something surprising is about to happen!


OpinionGood Luck, Demon Lord 1! theme 2

I really like the Manhua. The story is original, beautiful colored art and they use demons and magic in it. I like it, though I feel the chapters are short, they give all together a good story. How they did make the world is also interesting and i really recommend reading this one before the second season. Though it won’t hurt to do that, it’s more fun to read this and have a plot revelation in season 2. Though the world itself seems very simple, it makes it more flexible and so can have more plot. I really think little plot is easy to predict and yet it still changes a bit that makes a little surprise. I’ll give this a 8/10. Though it has indeed a lot of story, the plot is moving very slow. It’s not a problem, but I feel like some chapters could have been fused together. It’s a good one indeed, I amused myself with it, but it didn’t give a ‘wow!’ feeling.


So that’s it for this week. Hope you liked it. Here’s the link for the second season review: LINK

Bye bye

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